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After viewing huge response on our last WordPress theme giveaway now we breaking the silence again in Lovers week ie. Valentine’s week for WordPress Lovers. If you’re looking for a new and eye catching theme for your WordPress blog or website then it’s your lucky week as instantShift and Elegant Themes trying to celebrate this Valentine Season with all of instantShift readers by giving them a chance to win 3 one-year memberships worth $19.95 per year.

Most you are already familiar with Elegant Themes, A provider of many famous Premium wordpress themes. You can also read more about them below.

So, Idea is simple. Just try your luck by reading the rules and leaving your comment here in this post.

About Elegant Themes!

Elegant Themes is a premium theme shop of variety of wordpress designs. Managed by Nick Roach, a talented and professional web designer/WordPress developer.

Elegant Themes created to provide WordPress themes of quality and integrity. They craft their themes with a goal of simplicity and professionalism and strive to inject each design with a dose modest elegance. Each of Elegant Themes’s WordPress themes come widget ready and coded in valid xhtml 1.0 transitional and CSS. Every theme is made in compliance with the latest version of WordPress, and are compatible with Firefox 3.0, Internet Explorer 7/6, Safari, Opera, and Netscape. They believes that your website is not just a tool, it is an integral part of your identity. Elegant Themes’s job is to respect each customer by providing attractive and user-friendly templates that will help you achieve your online goals.

About Themes!

Each theme comes coded in valid XHTML 1.0 transitional and level 2.1 CSS. Elegant Themes makes sure that all are compatible with the latest WordPress release, as well as with the most popular Internet browsers. Each theme comes with a unique set of features. Click “features” to view a list and “preview” to see a live demo of the theme.

Here are some common features among all of the Elegant Themes’s themes.

  • Latest WordPress compatible
  • Featured Articles
  • Gravatar ready
  • Optional blog-style layout
  • Advertisement Ready
  • Valid XHTML and CSS
  • Cross browser compatibility, Compatible with all modern browsers, and even with IE6
  • Options page: To set up the theme options. No need to edit the theme files
  • Automatic thumbnail resizing: Absolutely awesome!
  • Different post layouts: Some themes let you choose between a classic blog post presentation and a more “Magazine” way to display your posts

Some of the favorite themes with Live Demo!

ColdStont wordpress theme

instantShift - Elegant Themes Giveawat - Winners

Live Demo

egamer wordpress theme

instantShift - Elegant Themes Giveawat - Winners

Live Demo

lightsource wordpress theme

instantShift - Elegant Themes Giveawat - Winners

Live Demo

cion wordpress theme

instantShift - Elegant Themes Giveawat - Winners

Live Demo

eGallery wordpress theme

instantShift - Elegant Themes Giveawat - Winners

Live Demo

Basic wordpress theme

instantShift - Elegant Themes Giveawat - Winners

Live Demo

How To Win Your Free Copy?

  • Post your comments about Why you like WordPress among other CMS??
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).
Comment entries will be accepted until February 25, 2009. Winners will be selected randomly via mysql query from the comment table. 3 winners will receive free one-year memberships! Each via their emails.

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  1. Amazing themes man, will love to have one. Ultimate effort and creativity.

  2. wow! Really killer designs. i will love to have one of them. Pure creativity and elegance for sure. Thanks.

  3. Awesome themes!
    The variety of layouts covers a great number of design needs.
    Great value for this small price

  4. wow cracking themes!
    Elegant themes are really rocking man!
    great effort in designing as well as thinking as well as programming :)

    why I love wordpress? hmmmm

    I love it,
    1. caz of its lightweight and deliver a heavyweight process very cool!
    2. I love its homepage, that provide free wordpressblogs, its full and full ajaxified and also simple to use!
    3.Flexible in all ways than anyother CMS i found!
    4. hats off to wordpress team! :D

    and also the elegantthemes and iShift to give away this contest!

    Long live elegantthemes and iShift and wordpress :)

  5. I love WordPress for its simplicity… And I think I’m loving Elegant Themes for the same reason… really nice… good luck everyone and thanks :)

  6. These are some of the most amazing themes! Their elegant and creatively simple design is just beautiful! I would really love to have one…Thanks:)

  7. I’ve had my eye on these designs for ages!

    Why I love WordPress among other CMS’…
    – It’s designed for blogging (It’s doesn’t attempt to be everything, like Drupal).
    – It takes everything about blogging and put’s it in one easy to use dashboard
    – It’s so popular that there are thousands of plugins, hundreds of good themes & many great blogs like this that support & help to make it better!

  8. Let me try my luck! thanks for the offer!

  9. I just love WordPress… and my love have no reason ;)

  10. Ok… Let me be simple and straight!

    I love Google and Google loves WordPress so finally I love WordPress.

  11. I also want the free membership. I love wordpress coz it’s very easy to handle.

  12. I Second Owen, as in my words…If you can operate Microsoft Word, you can probably use WordPress.

  13. The main thing i like about wordpress is it’s ease to installation…. i mean Can it get any faster? One-click installs and the 5-minute installation.

  14. I can count number of reasons about why we love it. but for winning this contest ony one is needed so i choose the strongest one.

    WordPress is very Straight forward and very predictable. No found Flaws till now!!

  15. IN case of WP there is no other software needed…. Of you Have laptop and wireless connection? Go blog in Starbucks if you want and blog about your dogs.


  16. Rocking Themes Guys! Some killer designs. i also love to have one of the year long free membership. Thanks iShift.

  17. WOW!!! what are the odds… i was just planning to buy full year membership any just came across your blog….. Now it forces me to think for try my luck and wait for few more days.

    All the best to everyone.

  18. Hahahaha…. it’s simple… the options are in wide range…. Thousands of rockin’ free themes are out there to use Like instantShift’s itself.

    I love your Free WordPress Christmas theme and it’s v1.1 too…. keep them coming.

  19. Without a doubt….wordpress the best CMS ever !

  20. The thing which make humans apart from Animals…. the same thing aparts wordpress from other CMS.

    Thanks for Elegant Themes and instantShift for the free membership… Good luck everyone.

  21. Nice one Emily…..for mine, its so easy to use and edit.. it makes CSS so easy!

  22. @ Emily…. The best reason i ever heard.. LOL!!

    I love WordPress & Drupal the most.

  23. Ont thing I love about WordPress is that its extremely scalable. You can use it as a forum, a website directory, a blog, a static site just whatever you wish!

    Secondly, managing WordPress is also very easy. I had my hosted blog up and running within an hour of installing it. All my posts from Blogspot blog were automatically imported by WordPress 2.7 and all I had to do was change design.

    As admin, managing WP is easier than my previous platform that had only “Writer” and “admin” account. With WordPress’s admin, editor, writer and contributor accounts, its easy to manage guest posts as well.

    Changing themes is a piece of cake. And best thing I love over my previous CMS is that even if you change theme, all settings remain intact. So, if I later change theme, I can have same old design and settings!

    The plugins extend it beautifully. My favorite phrase since I have started using WordPress is “There is a Plugin for everything”. Why should I not say that? PLugins let you do anything!

    And the icing on the cake is that its free and opem source.

    That’s why i love WordPress!

  24. I love WP because it’s a great way to create a blog on a simple way, eventhough you’re not a master in HTML, CSS and those kind of things I’ve always found extremely hard to learn about…

    Plus, these themes by Elegant Themes are awesome…! If only I could get one of those… uh.

  25. When I originally thought of making my website, I hadn’t intended it to be a blog… while looking for a good CMS, I stumbled onto WordPress and its great CMS-powers… also convinced me to just make a blog out of the site.

    A very good decision

  26. WordPress rockz because it’s opensource! And free!

  27. I love WordPress for one reason, simplicity!

  28. wow wow wow, i like this memebership!!!!

  29. At first, WordPress seems like a blog software only. What it doesn’t show is its hidden potential to be just anytype of site you want it to be with custom fields, plugins and many more.

    Its simple for bloggers who just want a blogging platform but at the same time also flexible enough for developers who want more..

    Kudos to the WP Team.

  30. WordPress is universal. You can do anything with it and it’s extremely simple to use or modify

  31. Easy customization. Great plugins. Great Community.

  32. WordPress has amazing SEO by default without any tweaking. If you want more preferable SEO, it’s easily done by installing a couple of plugins, such as the All in One SEO Pack.

  33. WordPress is the best because it’s the easyers one to administrate, customize and add whatever you want on it without any problem and hosting company don’t bother you with e-mails about the high cpu and it can even safe a lot of bandwith with the apropriet plugins

  34. Nice WordPress Themes

    – Is very easy to use
    – Quick to install
    – Great for beginners

  35. – Flexibility with plugins and themes make WordPress superior!
    not to mention that it’s very easy

  36. Would love to have a free subscription.
    I love WordPress because there’s no limit on how to use it!

  37. Sweet collection of themes, good luck to all.
    Hope I get the membership

  38. I love these themes. They are easy to work with as I have a membership already. Would love another to offer to clients!

  39. wow.. thanks for the offer

  40. I love WordPress because it’s easy to adapt and modify, it’s powerful and scalable.
    And it has brought more work for webdesigners/webdevelopers!
    There are entire business now based on WordPress.

  41. Great Themes. In fact all the posts are great.
    Congratulations from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

  42. these themes look great – nice collection!

  43. I like WordPress because it is a platform that allows me to work with a multitude of resources, both free and paid, is much development and gives me the possibility that I can make a contribution, for its easy adaptation and learning.


  44. I like WordPress because:
    – it’s easy
    – it’s user friendly
    – has plugins for nearly everything!

  45. Why wordpress?
    1. WordPress is for a pro and for layman
    2. WordPress is by defualt SEO optimized and after this its up to you how much optimization you want to do.
    3. WordPress is completely free
    4. Support forum are always there whenever you stuck somewhere
    5. Plugins makes your life easier.
    6. WordPress can make your blog look like a website using the right technique.
    7. Compare to other CMS, you will find tutorial and hack for wordpress.
    8. People love wordpress and proof is these giveaway.
    9. With wordpress 2.7+ now you can do everything right from dashboard.
    10. With every updated version we can see the more features and at the same time more theme and plugin support.

    11. I love wordpress and that’s why I want to win this giveaway :)

  46. WordPress is the best CMS because of it’s easy use and popularity among websites. Many, many freelancers that I know and have heard of own their own blog under their domain name supported by WordPress. I know how easy it is to use, even before I was coding in xHTML/CSS and PHP, it was very easy to navigate, post up blogs and customize for my own use.

    Many amazing themes can be produced by WordPress that can kill a web page design any day. I have to give my respects to Elegant Themes, they’re WordPress themes are truly amazing and worth signing up on the site for. Sadly, some people don’t have the money for the themes, but if I could or anyone else had the opportunity like this, I woud use their themes for many sites and make sure to keep the copyright because they deserve recognition. Besides Elegant Themes producing amazing layouts, almost anyone could if they dedicated themselves to learning how to code with WordPress and learn how to design for WordPress. It’s amazing how with some practice, people could make amazing WordPress themes.

    Lastly, I have to say what I love the most about WordPress is the plugins. Anyone here that owns a WordPress powered blog cannot say that the plugins are the most useful thing that WordPress can offer. If I could get myself a nice theme, power a blog by WordPress, the first thing I would do would be to install many useful plugins for my site and get everything running. The plugins that people make and what WordPress offers are truly amazing.

    I have to say, I would be considered a fan girl for WordPress. It’s an amazing CMS that I personally love.

  47. wordpress as cms if very flexible and has many add-ons.

  48. WordPress Rocks

    Id love to win a premium account from elegant themes

  49. I love elegant themes. These themes look great!

  50. wordpress is the best cuz is easily to use it and you can use it like a blog/forum and others….
    great giveaway,good luck!

  51. I like WordPress because it’s so easy.

    You can get it up and running on under 5 minuts, it’s fantastic!

    And it’s very easy to customize, if you don’t know anything about coding you can just download one of the thousands WordPress themes there is out on the net.

    And if you need anything on your blog is there almost always a plugin there do exactly what you want!

  52. Why WordPress? It’s easy to try out on, standalone installation on is a snap, and there’s plenty of good themes to pick from. It’s extensible, with many plugins for pretty much everything one would like. Other than that it has my all time favourite feature – it just works :)

  53. These are simply amazing.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be able to win a membership!

  54. WordPress is the best, especially since version 2.7 :) But those themes a gorgeous and to have a free entry to the site is even better. Lightsource theme is the best !

  55. I Love wordpress for its simplicity…Cant live without it.. ;)

  56. i like wordpress because it is so simple and easy to use it

  57. I like WordPress because it’s the easiest CMS ever :)

  58. I love WordPress for its simplicity and versatility. Later.

  59. Hi,

    I would love a free membership to Elegant Themes :) I cannot wait to apply one of the themes to my site.

  60. easy to use ,lot of nice themes to chose ,its so fantastic !

  61. Let me try my luck here~
    I love WP and those brilliant themes!

  62. Because of ease of use and huge community and plugins available

  63. LOVE WP, because it’s so easy to set up and start blogging right away.

  64. Well I love wordpress cause it’s fresh, free and easy to customize due to is functions structure!

    However, thanks 4 the opportunity!

  65. Wow! nice themes! Would like to have one :)

  66. cool beans!

  67. Wow! I’d love to get one theme for free! Btw… my personal favorite is the “basics”

  68. The themes look great. I love WP for its multi functions and ease in use.

  69. I like WP because it’s easy to use, simple.

  70. I love wordpress as cms because:
    -Easy to set up
    -Very customizable
    -Really nice dashboard

  71. No More entry accepted as this Contest is Officially Closed!

    We going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days.

    Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    DKumar M.

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