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Ok, It’s Again Freebies time!…. Over the last few days, our readers have complained that they missed our last few freebies giveaway posts. So we would like to make it clear that there is nothing to worry as we going to come up with some more chances to win exciting freebies. In this chain We and Theme Sphere came up with our latest giveaway contest. Here at instantShift we are giving out 3 copies of Theme Sphere’s first commercial wordpress theme Spotlight! to our readers.

Are you tired of wannabe premium WordPress Themes? Then you need to try Spotlight! Which is not just a WordPress Theme, it’s a complete package that ensures your web site becomes a hit in your niche.

So Hurry up, read the rules and comment below to enter in this contest.

About Theme Sphere!

Theme Sphere has been launched with the sole purpose to offer fully-optimized WordPress Themes that give you 100% results. There are many sites out there that offer Premium WordPress Themes. So what differentiates Theme Sphere from the rest of them?

Well, first of all, Their prices are one of the cheapest. You don’t have to empty your pockets to buy a WordPress Theme. Secondly, Their themes are all-optimized, i.e., SEO optimized, SMO optimized, ad optimized, and what have you. When you buy our themes, you get full-fledged feature-rich products, not some ordinary tagged-as-premium themes.

And did we mention that their themes are beautiful?

About Spotlight!

Spotlight is not just a WordPress Theme, it’s a complete package that ensures your web site becomes a hit in your niche.

Main features of the theme

  • Search engine and Social media optimized
  • Ad optimized with powerful integrated ad management control panel
  • Robust backend where you can control all the features of the theme
  • Modern magazine style design
  • Widget ready with fully valid code
  • Much more in the whole package!
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional & CSS 2.1 valid
  • Multi-browser compatibility. Tested under modern w3c compliant browsers

Spotlight! Live Demo

ThemeSphere Giveaway Contest

How To Win Your Free Copy?

  • Post your comments about the idea of the post which you like to see on instantShift.
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).
Comment entries will be accepted until February 20, 2009. We will randomly generate 3 winning members from the comment list. 3 winners will receive a free copy of the Spotlight! theme via their emails.

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  1. Nice One Guys !! Thanks to instantShift and Theme Sphere Both.

    Ok, here’s my post idea… “Best 404 pages around the web” :)


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  3. Good luck to everyone!

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    One cool post would be a
    “The Dark Side of Web Design”

  5. Hi,
    What about “Designing without CSS hacks”.
    Good luck everyone :)

  6. “How to design and code” a wordpress theme,with large explications :)
    there are a lot of people who search for this :)
    great giveaway! good luck everyone!

  7. “Design Interfaces – How to make beautiful and useful navigations menus”

    instantShift is great ;)

  8. a WP theme easily custom to be a website, and not a blog.
    good luck from france

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    reflective means any type of reflation in mirror, water etc.

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  18. Here’s the nice one… “The day when we all going to Die”.

  19. @Kyle Brenner – it’s more like a science-fiction movie name instead of post idea. ;)

    Here’s my idea ‘A Beginners Guide about how to Buy a New Laptop’

  20. What about “Useful Techniques To Improve Your web Designs”

  21. I always enjoy the beautiful graphic resources on your blog, but I’d love to see a post on MONETIZING a site ATTRACTIVELY in a manner that aids the sales message.

  22. Lets be honest. The 100 most, 20+ posts, etc. are becoming all too common and in fact, I for myself end up not using any of them at all. It just ends up in my bookmarks/reader and I feel bad for not reading them. Also, instead of just listing all that you’ve got/found, you should find a way to channelize your research and make it useful rather than rudundant for the readers of your post.

    For example, in the “26 Essential Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers” post, lots of features of one extension overlap with another so they are not _Essential_. A method of differentiation or a mention like, “If you use The WD Toolbar, you do not need MeasureIt, since it has a Display Ruler feature.” Else it just becomes a ordinary post which we for ourself could have googled. Right?

    This is just a generalized comment and I hope you get my point.

    Actually, a post on “How not to get carried away with TOO MUCH information” or “Tips on staying organized” or “Tools that help you stay organized” would help a lot.

    You obviously cannot learn all the information you see, so freezing it safely and retrieving the information whenever you need is invaluable.

    Thank you and great Giveaways :)

  23. “Top 10 Beautiful free WordPress Themes in instantshift”
    This Theme very nice,

  24. I would like to see: “Top X Uses for WordPress,” where you discuss and highlight the best uses for wordpress outside of just blogs. Perhaps examples of real uses, tutorials on what you can do with WordPress that is a bit out there.


  25. “10 things that will kill your blog”

  26. How I wish I win this!!!

  27. Webdesign and usability

  28. Nice theme. I’d like to see on InstantShift more posts about typography, like a selection of the best free fonts for design.

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  30. Nice giveaway, maybe I have a chance this time.

    Since it was really hard to think of an idea here that was not mentioned before… how about “How to comment and promote yourself on blog comments to increase your traffic” ;)

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  32. Ohhh Jesus, awesome them y like this form my new blog!!!
    thaxs InstanShift!!!!

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    The standard archives pages are often a long list o day amd month… not very catchy, isn’t it?

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  40. Thanks instantShift, Nice giveaway!

    my entry “How to easily get inbound links of your site from others!”

    I wish i win because Spotlight! looks fantastic.

  41. nice site! get all and for free! Thanks to the Hosters and good luck

  42. Let me try my luck !!

    “Best Free SEO plugins for wordpress”

  43. Nice theme….. simple and creative design.

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  45. Thanks Themesphere and instantshift… count me in.

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    OK OK, a serious idea: “How to make Your WordPress theme Search Engine Friendly?”

  48. Hi to all, what about “How to design a theme from a scratch for Pligg”

  49. No More entry accepted as this Contest is Officially Closed!

    We going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days.

    Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    DKumar M.

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