AllBusinessCards Giveaway Contest

If you read our post about Mind Blowing Collection of Business Card Designs then you also want to design your Business card now! We again having something to give you that can perhaps fulfill your business identity related needs. We have 5 sets of total 5,000 high-quality, professional, custom business cards (worth more then $140) from

5 winners will be selected at random to win one thousand business cards each. make things a whole lot easier, and a whole lot less expensive, by giving you over 10,000 full color background images to choose from, and allowing you to design your own business cards online – quickly and easily.

As usual, simply enter a comment in this post to enter the contest.

About AllBusinessCards

Full Color Business Cards and stationery has never been easier to design and order online. Choose from over 10,000 business card templates at

AllBusinessCards Giveaway Contest

Create your own corporate business cards, quickly and easily, choosing from our database of over 10,000 full color custom background images.

These cards are of the highest quality, because we use a full color printing process that allows over 6 million variations in color, as well as thick, premium UV-coated card stock which gives depth to colors, prevents color absorption, and gives it a professional high quality look.

Other Information

If you want to know more about AllBusinessCards then Click Here.

Else if you want to know about their verity of Business Cards then Click Here.

AllBusinessCards Giveaway Contest

How To Win Your Free Copy?

  • Post your comments about why you’d like to have your own business card in this post.
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).
Comment entries will be accepted until February 8, 2009. We will randomly generate 5 winning members from the comment list. 5 winners will receive a set of 1,000 high-quality, professional, custom business cards each via their emails.


Shipping for the cards is included if you live in the US or Canada, but unfortunately shipping costs are too high if you live outside of those areas. So will need to charge for shipping.

AllBusinessCards Giveaway Contest

instantShift Special Discount

Folks over at have special places in their hearts for instantShift readers so they offered to place 70% discount on of standard pricing of 1,000 business cards for just $30 dollars only. We will going to put respective link for discount in few days! Till then sit tight and enjoy reading.

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  1. Howdy!

    One more giveaway… means more freebies…. Thanks for the giveaway. Love you instantShift!

  2. Goood, Now i can win again. I’m happy to accept a set of cards for our own card as we just setup our office here. Nice Contest. Keep them coming.

  3. Thanks for freebie :)

  4. It would be fine have very pro business card from you :)

  5. I like to participate. Please count me in.

  6. Wow, It’s some good giveaway. I’m a freelancer and i want to print my own business cards soon enough. These might be useful for my inspiration.

  7. I appreciate if you pick me as a winner

  8. Business cards have become essential nowadays, and I hope to start my career with one that stands out among the bland, similar ones I see everywhere. AllBusinessCards would be a perfect way to do that.

  9. Awesome contest. I googled “Business Cards” and found it. Now I’m off to look around this site.

  10. Just found you guys after reading one of your comments on Smashing Mag. Great site and the chance at those business cards is awesome! Much appreciated!

  11. We’re new in design business so it would be great to get our own business cards as a gift.

  12. Would love to receive these business cards.

  13. I would be glad to give my work a more professional look with brand new business cards! It is lacking for me to compose the visual identity of my corp

  14. I wish to use these business cards for my new hosting business.


  15. awesome – could definitely use new business cards!

  16. I would like to have Business cards from you guys. Thanks for the giveaway.


  17. Count me in. I’m going to use these cards for my new business.

  18. What a wonderful contest. Just on time, I was just about to plan my new card design. Thanks folks.

  19. I’m one of the regular visitor of your site. I like to participate in the contest also because my new studio just growing very fast and i need to have my business card for our corporate identity.

    Thank you instantshift.

  20. Thanks for the freebie. Love you guys :)

  21. I found your site from PSDTuts. really nice environment and quality stuff around. i also like to enter in the contest so i can be one of the winners.

  22. Nice Giveaway…. Thanks for giving us opportunity to win cool set of cards. We are a fresh group of designers and it’s cool to have our own business identity card.

    Also I bookmarked your site for future.


  23. Dugg, Stumbled, Mixxed…… count me in.

  24. Nice timing. I was thinking of going freelance and this would be nice!.

  25. First look, first freebie, first comment :) Hope to be the first one to get this !!!

  26. A chance at new personal business cards would be pretty awesome – right now I’m using old ones from my last job and just writing my new email address on them in the margins.


  27. awesome, posted, entered.

  28. Thanks for giving us opportunity to win cool set of cards. Just on time, I was just about to plan my new card design.

  29. I love cards :-)

  30. Wow, nice price!

    I’d love these business cards to startup some freelancing (and break myself from the chains that bind me)! Thanks!

  31. I would use them to network with my website. I am a graduate of Full Sail University and didn’t take in consideration of most of the start up cost associated with becoming a freelance designer when applying for student loans. Or i would use them in the spokes of my bike. lol either way they are bound to let me get noticed for my designs. Thanks

  32. I would use them to kickstart my freelance web designing in physical networking opportunities.

  33. If I was one of the winners I’d definitely give them to my husband because he’s been out for a while for lack of funds…this could really help his business as it deals with and is in the hunting/fishing field…PLease count me in, he would be so happy to hear that I’m giving him something very useful for his business…

  34. If I had Business cards, I would use the business cards to promote my freelancing which will hopefully pay for my college tuition; there are so many times, when having a business card would have sealed the deal.

  35. I’m a Design student and freelance designer, I will be using my business card to promote my OneMan army, and make good contacts among people i meet.

  36. I will like to have my business cards for my new hosting services. I like to have a professional printed card


  37. Awesome! You guys rock! I would so love to win a set of cards … coz I have just started freelancing and BC’s would be cool to have and also coz I have NEVER won anything in my life :-)!

  38. Thanks for the Nice Giveaway, I like to win.

  39. We are also a small studio located at LA and we planning to print our new business cards soon. it’s nice to wing a set of card for our company purpose.

    Thanks, Keep rocking.

  40. I <3 business cards… count me in toooooo….

  41. Wonderful opportunity for some amazing Business Cards.

  42. Hello Hope you give me the chance..please give me one free copy…I really want the design my cards. please….Thanks

  43. OH yeah another nice giveaway from WDW! ;)

    choose me me me me me!

  44. Very striking!

  45. Nice prize! I would love to win! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  46. thanks for all the great posts, soo inspiring!!

  47. I want one :)

  48. enter me please. i could so use this on something i am about to begin.
    thank you

  49. Keeping my fingers crossed

  50. I also keeping my fingers crossed… Just in case ;)

  51. I <3 U

  52. This giveaway come in handy for me. Love it!

  53. just found your site, and am enjoying all the content. some great articles here. a giveaway’s just the icing on the cake!

    i’d love to have my own business cards to promote my illustration work.

  54. Would be highly appreciated to win this competition.

  55. Love you guys… let me win this one.

  56. @Janos – you can win if i’m going to win ;)

  57. @Janos, marvin clown — You both can not win if I’m not going to win this one…lol ;)

  58. Count me in, I love your last few posts about business cards and i love to have one set of cards for my new card design help.

  59. I like to win coz i want design some new cards for my Staff.

    @Janos, marvin clown, David p. — You all living in dreams… no one going to win from you all coz there is a requirement for winning… which is “Post your comments about why you’d like to have your own business card in this post.” So best of luck.

  60. Hahahaaa… Nice catch Ameed… You got them red handed.. :)

    I’m a freelancer from Texas and want to start my own advertising firm soon so it’s good to have these type of stuff nearby. who knows when you gonna need them. :)

  61. great give away. i could really use this

  62. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  63. What are the chances of my wining if i’m on the last of this list.

  64. @CTRL-X – Nothing changes, same as others.

  65. You know what, I was actually gonna get myself a Business Card to start my own freelance business. I would love to win it :)

    I just discovered ishift and you guys are doing a great job.


  66. No More entry accepted as this Contest is Officially Closed!

    We going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days.

    Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    DKumar M.

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