WordPress Christmas V1.1 – A free wordpress theme

First, Thanks to all of you for appreciating our first wordpress theme “Wordpress Christmas – A Free WordPress Theme” this much. After releasing first version (v1.0) we received number of reviews about design bugs and code errors.

After being working on fixing bugs since last few days now it’s the perfect time to release fresh bug fixed version (v1.1) of same theme. We tried to update all junk code and design errors. Also we included one more additional CSS design which is quite different from our default Christmas mood and you can switch your theme style from theme options panel.

This time we included the full template PSD file for your convenience as many of you want to change header design.

As many of you already know that this theme is a new version of our old theme “Wordpress Christmas – A Free WordPress Theme” which is specially designed for Smashing Magazine readers.

The theme has standard 2 columns layout and is easy to convertible in any mood of your choice as the PSD source file of the complete theme has also been included with the package and most importantly.. You also have option to choose your design style among two pre-made CSS Designs from your theme option panel. To enable different design from same theme on your wordpress website/blog, you just need to select appropriate style option. Please refer Readme.txt for more information about features.

Please feel free to contribute your reviews as they might be useful for fixing bugs and solving other readers troubles.

Main features of the theme

  • Modern and beautiful web typeface.
  • Tableless design and 100% CSS-based layout.
  • 2 different styles selectable from theme options page.
  • 2 columns of fixed width.
  • Widget Ready.
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid.
  • CSS 2.1 valid.
  • Delivered with source .PSD file.
  • Well-commented CSS and theme PHP files for flexible customization.
  • Multi-browser compatibility. Tested under modern w3c compliant browsers. Firefox 3 , Safari 2 and IE7.

You can find all the fixing details in “changelog.txt” file which is included with the package.


By downloading this theme, under the terms of the GNU General Public License, it is vital that you understood the following terms and conditions:

  • A link back must be included in the footer or simply just don’t remove the credits from footer.
  • You can use them on as many domain names as you wish.
  • You may use them for your clients’ projects / websites. Number of projects is not limited.
  • You may not claim intellectual and exclusive ownership to any of the themes.
  • You may not sub-license the original themes and their individual files to and with anyone else, unless a specific license within the theme states otherwise.
  • You may modify them. However, you may not modify and then resell, unless the modified versions are drastically different from the originals.
  • We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or suspend service at our sole discretion and the right to change or modify these terms with no prior notice.
  • No support will be provided for any free theme by instantShift.
  • Do not provide the direct download link nor upload “Wordpress Christmas” onto other servers for your own share (Please link to this article instead – we also deserve some traffic!). If you want to spread the words, just link to this article.

Download the themes for free!

You are allowed to use this theme for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. However, it’s strictly forbidden to redistribute or sell this theme without our or instantShift’s permission — please link to this article if you would like to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish, but if you are planning to release your modification, please ask for permission first.

WordPress Christmas - A Free WordPress Theme v1.1

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  1. Awesome! I’ll certainly have some fun with this. Providing the .psd source file is above and beyond!


  2. Wow,that awesome! Thanks for your great work guys and i can’t wait to see how it performs on my blog… Cheers..

  3. Hi Dkumar,
    The v1.1 totally can’t work on my blog, don’t know why. The old one still works fine.
    any idea?

  4. Thanks guys. Our designer is working on some nice concepts. We will keep you updated. :)

    Please download theme files again and try uploading. BTW if you want to enable alternative theme style then you will have to select it from theme options panel. It seems you haven’t selected any styles.

    Download theme again and check. If it still doesn’t work, email me.

  5. Okey.. i though by default it should have one theme selected. And also i found that FLASHFXP will cos images files damge during the process of uploading. Well, i use the web file manager, and the problem solved. Sorry to trouble you again…hope u don’t mind.

  6. Joe,
    Let us know if you find any other bug and please don’t worry about contacting us. We appreciate you for letting us know the issues.

    BTW, theme has a default style but if you want to switch to alternative design then you will have to select it from theme options panel.

    Anyway, I will make sure it doesn’t give any more problem to users. Thanks buddy. ;)

  7. Sorry to keep u busy. Here is another problem i found. When i have the entry with many pictures, and they will out off the frame. Here is the problem page : http://ling.phpnet.us/WordPress/?p=368

    PS, I still can’t manage to solve ‘older entries’ and ‘newer entries’ problem (I tried to show more than 10 posts and i total posts of 20). :(

  8. I think navigation is turned off from WP settings because its working fine.

  9. Awesome! Thank you very much!
    We used

  10. for a new update,can you make the theme look normally on 1024×768? :(

  11. or can you tell me who i can fix it for 1024×768 ?:(
    i love the theme :D

  12. wow, the new style is awesome. the header graphic is cute!

  13. Hey, just wanted to thank you folks for the lovely template. Used it as a base for the reboot of Flash99good.com ! Good Karma to you folks!

  14. You have really nice blog, Kevin. :)

    Have fun!

  15. Hello. First of all thank you for this great theme and making it free for us.
    I don’t know if its asking to much but can you help me out with the slicing of the .psd file or if possible give the sliced one?

  16. Layout is not rite on a 1024X768 screen…why??

  17. Hi and thanks for the Christmas theme and update. Very nice work! I had some problems with v1.0 and am glad you tweaked 1.1. Links are now distinguishable in posts, as well as bullet lists, and blockquotes. Yeah!

    I did some CSS tweaking for image files, killed the float & the border, now it’s looking the way I need it to look and act. Also changed and repositioned the RSS and eMail icons. Also changed the header for my Mac consulting business … eMac Consulting.


    I wish there was a way to hide the ‘more’ button when the more tag doesn’t exist in a post.

    I’m very impressed by your CSS prowess! :) Wow! Keep up the good work!

  18. @Joe Streno – Thanks for the review, Also thanks for the bug info.. wait for few more days… will take care this issue real soon.

  19. Folks this is a *free* template, instantShift is being very good by providing fixes… but honestly it’s free .. so expecting “support” is kinda silly don’t ya think?

  20. WOW!!….What an awesome theme!!…the layout looks very clean and the typography is excellent!!…Nice Job!! :o)

  21. Hi,

    I fixed the read more and everything else i needed myself, but i need a little bit of help with the threaded comments. it looks like the header and comment php files are all ok, but there’s no link to reply in the comment form…

  22. Kevin, You are right, support is not possible for additional customizations but if you guys found any bug, please let us know.

    We will try to fix any general bug in this theme. :)

  23. Please advise where to insert:
    php comment_form_title( ‘Leave a Comment’, ‘Leave a Reply to %s’ );

    I’ve removed the php tags. I don’t know where to put that in order to have a Reply link inside each comment. Thanx!

  24. yes, Kevin, you’re right. I’ve been so silly not to notice that the comments are done via the new ks29so_comment…blabla function, so if you want threaded comments you just have to add the proper function to comments.php and the work out a design for it.

  25. It’s a nice theme, but You should test is in Opera (almost 3 times more popular than Safari) because there are some bugs.
    This site also have some bugs in Opera. ;)

  26. Amazing theme! But I’d love to see this same theme in a non-christmas version.

  27. Thanks for the great theme.

    sorry to bother u, but i got this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_password_required() in wp-content\themes\ks29so_christmas\comments.php on line 16

    could you help me?
    I look for the solution in google, only to find there are other site facing the same problem.

  28. Hi,

    Please email me with more info. contact [at] instantshift.com

  29. @Otavio tatasoka – This is the same reason why we created Style-II in v1.1.
    Also, We provided the Source PSD file of Complete theme so you guys can able to convert it in any mood you like.

  30. InstantShift folks some advice: freeze this thread, and in big bold letters put this before people download it: THIS TEMPLATE IS FREE, THERE IS NO SUPPORT

    For the love of Pete people!

  31. @Kevin Airgid – Thanks for the suggestion.

    No support will be provided for any free theme designed by instantShift as this issue already been included in the Agreement Terms. But we still open for any bugs or issues founded by you guys.

  32. I jsut notice, If I click on the theme option, I got another error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function screen_icon() in \ks29so_christmas_v1.1\functions.php on line 71

  33. That is because you might have been using older version of wordpress. This theme is updated for latest version of wordpress available. Please update your wordpress.

  34. @Julian, Can you email me with IE6 issues. or a screenshot would be great. :)

    contact [at] instantshift.com

  35. hmmm :-?
    in IE 6 are some problems…
    check out on my site

  36. Hey there,

    what a lovely theme you’ve created. Thanks a bunch! This is almost exactly what I was looking for. Very clean and well structured.

    Just letting you know what is/was bugging me a bit about the theme.

    1.) Image Handling in Posts – The auto-border and the automatic float/display were giving me a hard time. It really isn’t as useful as people think, imo. I do use images a lot and therefore have my own image handling css sheet which was interfering with the theme’s preset. And though I know my way around CSS I really wasn’t able to figure out where in style-two.css the general image css handling was saved? I tried to find by looking for the border, the float/display, the img-tag, but couldn’t find how to change or remove it. Strange. As of now, I have put custom css classes at the end of the css with !important. That fixed it, but that’s not a good solution, too messy. So if you feel like it, I’m all ears. ;)

    2.) Sidebar before Content in Source Code – This is more of a web standards/SEO issue. By looking at the source code of my blog I noticed that the sidebar gets loaded first before the content of each page. The content should always be first instead, not the sidebar. In this case, it’s not a big deal when the sidebar isn’t cluttered with categories, flickr streams, advertising and tag clouds, but there are a lot of blogs that do have a content-heavy sidebar, so every search engine would always index the sidebar first even when it is on a post page where the content should always come first (after the header and topmenu). And the sidebar gets loaded before the content gets displayed when visiting the page. I recommend you to change the source code hierarchy here.

    3.) Suggestions – In Style II which I am currently using, I find the rss icon and the mailbox still very christmas-y. If you plan to update your great theme, consider replacing them with more neutral icons (they look terrific, but don’t really fit after christmas ;)). And if you’re at it, maybe you could change the header and remove all the stuff from there and put like a simple non-graphic blog title there? I’m sure a lot of people would like to use your theme, but hold back because there isn’t a way for them to display their blog title without messing with Photoshop. Aaaaand last thing… IMO, the black comment textarea box does look a bit off – like it doesn’t really belong in the design, you know? I would consider changing the colors there and brighten them up ;)

    Other than that, I’m perfectly happy and grateful with/for the theme. Thanks again. Have a nice day, everyone! :)


  37. Irina, Some very fine suggestions and we will make few of these changes in next update, may be in next few days.

    We are fixing few bugs also. So just wait for few more days. :)


  38. Hello

    Very nice theme, thank you

    I have a little question
    What does the “mootools.js” do?

  39. @Jay – Please refer following link. http://mootools.net/

  40. Hello Your theme is fantastic, but i need help for add a left column for banner, can you help me in this?

  41. I love your theme! I would like to give credit on my website.

    Can I say All icons + theme designed by instantshift?

  42. @Joey – Icons not designed by us so just put the theme credits. Also you can find all the icons credit details in readme.txt

  43. Woow great share and design.. Thanks

  44. Add a login box in the left of the theme, it’s possible?

  45. Stew, everything is possible when it comes down to CSS and HTML. You will need to modify your theme files for that. Search wordpress or google for a good step-by-step tutorial.


  46. Thanks but any syimple help for that cna you ask me.

  47. Amazing theme! the layout looks very clean and the typography is excellent!!… Great work!!

  48. @Dkumar M

    Thanks, but does it do something on the site? Because I have to remove it for Lightbox working

  49. This theme not working with NextGen Gallery plugin

  50. Stew, email me with more info. contact [at] instantshift.com

    Jay, you can use both at the same time.

  51. I love the theme! Great work there.

    Just a few questions. The mail and RSS icons appear to be way off screen and of course there is no horizontal scrolling. (Not a fan of horizontal scrolling anyway!)

    I like what Joe Streno did on his site. If you are reading this Joe, there are some issues you mentioned having taken care of. If you don’t mind sharing, could you please say more specifically what they were and how you solved them? i know it is a matter of personal preference but most of us can learn from your insight.

    As Kevin mentioned, this is a free theme and there is really no point in expecting free support. However, you guys at Instant Shift have gone above and beyond the call of duty to address bugs and put to rest user issues. Kudos!

    As this theme has been downloaded and used by so many people, I assume there have been many tweaks made and bugs fixed. I would therefore like to request more posts by users outlining the problems they came across and how they went around solving them. Such tips would be useful to users like me who are just starting to tinker with the theme.


  52. Okay … to move the RSS & The Mail Icons to the positions I have them in … open either the style-one.css or the style-two.css file depending on which you are using. What you need to change are around lines 79 & 80


    Change to:
    img#rss-link{position:absolute;top: 210px;left: 800px;}
    img#contact-link{position:absolute;top: 280px;left: 825px;}

    This will put the icons in the position I have them. But if you play with the top and left positions you can put them wherever you like.

    To change the icons to other images as I did, find icons you like, there are plenty of free ones on the web. Open the header.php file go to this section:

    <a href=””><img src=”/images/rss.png” border=”0″ id=”rss-link” class=”correct-png” alt=”RSS” />
    <img src=”/images/contact.jpg” border=”0″ id=”contact-link” alt=”Contact” />


    And as in my case I changed both icons to images that I wanted and they were both .png files. Of course if you name your icon files to something other than rss.png or contact.jpg you will also need to change the corresponding file paths in the RSS Link section (above) … i.e.: /images/contact.jpg to /images/myfilename.jpg

    Hope this helps. :)

  53. Grrr … my previous comment had “commenting tags” in it … so it commented out what I tried to paste in directly from header.php.
    Can you please delete my previous comment?

    Okay … to move the RSS & The Mail Icons to the positions I have them in … open either the style-one.css or the style-two.css file depending on which you are using. What you need to change are around lines 79 & 80


    Change to:
    img#rss-link{position:absolute;top: 210px;left: 800px;}
    img#contact-link{position:absolute;top: 280px;left: 825px;}

    This will put the icons in the position I have them. But if you play with the top and left positions you can put them wherever you like.

    To change the icons to other images as I did, find icons you like, there are plenty of free ones on the web. Open the header.php file go to this section:

    <a href=””><img src=”/images/rss.png” border=”0″ id=”rss-link” class=”correct-png” alt=”RSS” />
    <img src=”/images/contact.jpg” border=”0″ id=”contact-link” alt=”Contact” />


    And as in my case I changed both icons to images that I wanted and they were both .png files. Of course if you name your icon files to something other than rss.png or contact.jpg you will also need to change the corresponding file paths in the RSS Link section (above) … i.e.: /images/contact.jpg to /images/myfilename.jpg

    Hope this helps. :)

  54. Double Grrr … please delete both previous comments. I’ll post these tips on my blog.


    Thanks :)

  55. Posted a How-To on changing the icon images & placement in Christmas Theme.


  56. Hi!

    How do I change the “thumbnail” image with each post? I guess I need to add a custom field, but what is the name? “Thumbnail” and “Thumb” didn’t work. Thank you!

  57. Im getting this error Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_password_required() in /home/xxxxxx/shoutmeloud.com/wp-content/themes/ks29so_christmas_v1.1/comments.php on line 16

    any idea why I’m getting this error?

  58. I think its because of old WP >Upgrading WP…

  59. Wow! Thanks Joe! You even went as far as to post the EXACT codes you used on your site? You’re a true trooper!

  60. Hi~ I love this theme, but I found a strange bug.
    I installed this theme on http://www.kaxiaoma.cn, but the footer column always go up to the head. However, I tested the same theme on my site and it worked good.
    What’s wrong? Thanks!

  61. PS, this bug is found in IE 7.0.

  62. A final version is on it’s way. We have been fixing few reported bugs and adding some more features.

    So sit tight guys.

  63. That will be great …. I will be looking forward for some few great options and I will appreciate if you add an ad space at the header and footer then we can say it is ad optimized too.

    Dude must say you are very creative and doing a great job.
    God bless you!!!

  64. And if you can include options to change colour with styles that would be Great.!!!

    and another idea on singlle.php if you can include a big option for subscribing to feed and join me on twitter and other social networking sites option like this guys has

    That would be much better for us.!

  65. Wow, cool!
    BTW, does this theme currently support thread comments? I turned it on but found it didn’t work with V1.1.

  66. Sorry guys. A totally n00b question from me. What should I do if I want to displace an image next to the summary of the post, have both appear on the main list of topics (page with the “read more” buttons) but not on the actual blog post? The Instant Shift guys are probably too busy at the moment but I’d be grateful if anyone else can spare a few pointers. Thanks.

  67. Can i use this theme for my college project competition with some alteration??

  68. @ Matt – Contact us with complete details.

  69. I’m facing this weird problem ….
    When I try this theme on my local installation everything seems to be perfect but when I upload it on my server..
    Header doesn’t seems to be working…
    Its quite weird..
    can any one help me with This

  70. Here is the screen shot…
    I redownloaded the theme….and reuploaded it….

    There is no sidebar
    Header gone
    Footer is red

    I also tried changing theme style but no luck with it.


    Look at the screenshot.

    I will appreciate your help.

  71. Hi,
    Firstly want to say great theme!!!
    I am thinking of using it for a college website I am setting up!
    But unfortunately the college comptures all run on IE6.
    The PNGs I can fix with a hack but hopefully in the next update it’ll be IE6 compatible. The only problem I can really see is the footer is not rendering correctly.

    Of course I know this is a free theme so don’t take this as a support request ;)

    Thanks a million!


  72. Great Job! Wonderful Creation! I love it. Havent seen such a wonderful and great work..

    Talking about your template, my advice is

    1. If “Subscribe to feed” icon is on right side it gets more attention because in every top blog feed icon will be on the right side.

    2. Blog theme gets more attention if it has 125×125 adspots at the top of the sidebar. 3 in a row and 3 in a column, total 9 will help blogger earn money.

    3. Please create a beautiful subscription gadget, place it in the sidebar at top most(if this is created ignore 1st advice)

    4. If possible place a translation widget in the sidebar.

    I dont have much experience in WordPress themes or hacks, i am using blogger so please ignore if i have said some thing worng. If possible please add all these to the existing one and release in future as updated wordpress theme. All that i advised are basic things in every tech blog, if you add them to future release i think it will be like ready to use and no need to think of adding any basic widgets in the sidebar for experienced blogger.

    Thanks once again, you people have done a wonderful job, and the most wonderful thing about you people is giving it for free.

  73. For those of you who are trying to change the way images only float left, and eliminate the border too … here’s the fix.

    The CSS line you are looking to change is in the “comments” section. It’s the same line in either of the style-one.css or style-two.css.

    Look for line 119:

    div.comment img{float:left;padding:4px;border:#DDD 1px solid;margin:5px 20px 15px 0;}

    Change to:

    div.comment img{margin:5px 20px 15px 0;}

    Of course you can also change the sizes of the margins to suite your needs too.

  74. Hey Joe
    I have asked a question way back and I’m still waiting for the answer.
    hope you will reply soon.

  75. Hi instantShift!

    Can’t wait for the next release!

  76. i also had test this free sites on our servers and it works perfect!
    Thanks and good luck

  77. Hey it’d be cool if the footer was widgetized in the next release BTW

  78. Very beautiful theme
    The availability of non-JS
    Chamber of Commerce hosted service because removing JS

    My English not good, hope you can understand

    Thanks you
    My emal: zhangquanshun[at]gmail.com

  79. I may have found a bug.

    I see you’re using the IE float hack, and you have two instances of calling the floatbox class. However, when you click on a bookmark within a page, say “domain.com/post/#comments” this causes the top of the post to disappear (padding reduced) by about 3px.

    Any suggestions?

  80. Any chance of providing the .psd source file for style 2 header? I love it but just wanna change to put the logo of my personal blog. Hope you can answer me :)

  81. @ Nadia

    The easiest thing to do is locate the original header.jpg file, which is located @ wp-content/themes/ks29so_christmas_v1.1/images/style-two/header.jpg. Open that file in Photoshop & edit away until your heart’s content. Then save it back to the same location & replace what was there before. Done.

    If you’d also like, before you close that file in Photoshop, save a copy of it to your local hard drive as a .psd. Tthis way if you want to make changes in the future, you can, including any layers you may have created.

    Hope that helps.

  82. @ joe streno : Thanks a lot ! I’m gonna give it a try ;)

  83. Hello,

    I’ve downloaded the theme and am currently testing it on my local server but I can’t get “style 2” to activate. I’ve changed it in the options and it shows that style 2 is selected, but when I view the site, I still see style 1.

    I’ve tried to clearing the cache in browser as well as the wp cache but no luck. I’m using Safari 4 on a Mac with MAMP server and WP 2.7.

    Any suggestions appreciated.


  84. Never mind!

    I had to go into the style.css file and change it to

    @import “css/style-two.css”;

    instead of style-one.css

    which, I must admit is a bit annoying. Perhaps this issue will be fixed in an update soon?

    Thanks for a great theme, nonetheless. It’s worth a few minor irritants like that.

    ~ Annie

  85. Annie,

    You can switch theme styles from admin panel. You just need to select 2nd theme style from here…

    Admin Panel >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Select Theme Style : style-two

    And submit. You are done.

  86. Yes I had problems with NextGen Gallery as well. When in use, the footer was drawn first where the header is, and then NextGen drew over all of it. So parts of the footer peaked through too. Everyting else drew as it should.

    But I don’t believe it’s NexGen itself, it’s jQuery that’s causing the issue. Because I have Christmas Theme on a few website & had the same thing happen with all of them, though NextGen was only used on one. The thing that they all had in common was using any plugin that used jQuery.

    And it still happens if you remove MooTools from the Christmas Theme.

    So now I”m using Featured Content Gallery rather than NextGen. It’s not as full featured as NextGen … but it’s doing what I want … giving me rotating header images.

  87. This theme not working with NextGen Gallery plugin

  88. Love this layout! I used it on my site, http://www.prinsesjes.nl.
    But how do you put the 150×150 ads in the sidebar? *puzzeled*.

  89. Very Cool theme, I just noticed that the theme does not function properly in Internet Explore 6, images and text fall off the page :o( Is there a way to fix that?

  90. i also had test this free sites on our servers and it works perfect!
    Thanks and good luck

  91. DKumar M – Thank you for a job well-done on this theme! It’s very clean, and it was pretty easy to figure out how to create an additional style for it. We just launched a new site using it: PoopSoup.com

  92. Whoops. I should have typed that correctly: http://www.PoopSoup.com

    Thanks again!

  93. Jolante you can add 125×125 ADs to the sidebar with the plugin MyAdManager http://www.visionmasterdesigns.com/wordpress-plugins/myadmanager/

    This plugin manages 125×125 ads automatically. Also allows the ability to add new ads and make them live on the confirmation of payment from paypal.

    Daniel Adams, I love this theme, thanks for providing it for free. The only issue I have with it is, that the sidebar load before the content. If you can let me know where to move the to in the page so that it loads after the content but still shows up in the correct position that would be a big help. I am not a coder but, I tried with no luck so far. whenever I move it, the side bar shows up below the content and not on the right.

    Thanks in advance

  94. @ Jody

    Are you using any WordPress plugins base on jQuery? Perhaps a lightbox or something like that? Check out my previous comment 8 posts back (Joe Streno). I’ve had the same thing happen.

    The whole footer overlaying the header only happens with Windows and Internet Explorer. It’s really annoying and very limiting. But there are ways to work around it. See above.

    Hope that helps.

  95. I love this theme! Its perfect! BUT in IE the footer is showing at the top of the page over top of the header. Any ideas?

  96. thats really nice and helping material for wordpress lovers, i must try in my local testing machine for my future blog website.

    thanks admin

  97. Hey! thanks for this amazing theme first.
    Now, I have a little problem – I installed a twitter plugin (widget) to show my tweets and then I placed it in the sidebar from the widget menu but unfortunately, All the other (advertisements, Archives, Feed…) that were on the sidebar are gone – how can I place a twitter widget and still I have the original sidebar of the theme? :)

  98. @Creasnoop

    When you add any widget to any theme that has its sidebar written in hard code as Christmas theme does, WordPress stops using the hard code and uses the widgets you have now added.

    So you have a few choices.

    1. Delete the one Twitter widget you have added through the WordPress Widget interface & by doing so WP will revert back to the hard coded Christmas sidebar.

    2. Do #1 and add the Twitter widget code to the sidebar.php file.

    3. Just add all the items that were in the hard coded sidebar via widgets. For me … this is the easiest way.

    Check out my sites. They are both using the Christmas theme, in an altered state. :)


  99. @Creasnoop

    Christmas theme uses by default a hard coded sidebar, found in the sidebar.php file. When you add a widget via the WordPress widget interface, you are bypassing the hard code. So you have choices.

    1. You can continue to use the WordPress interface for installing sidebar widgets. Then just install all the widgets that were already there. This is what I’ve done for both my blogs.

    2. You can delete all widgets added using the WordPress interface, which will then default back to the hard code in the sidebar.php file. Then add the code for the Twitter widget directly to the sidebar.php file.

    I use the Christmas theme on both my blogs. But I’ve altered the theme a bit on both. You can always check them out to get ideas. Hope that helps. :)


  100. Its just like heaven

  101. Thanks guys for the theme, is very cool.
    @Godserv I like what U didi with Ur page.
    I want to have my pages link to a category could you help me?

  102. joe Streno– I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!!!!!

    I was tearing my hair out about the “images only float left” hard-coding issue– couldn’t figure it out and it was wrecking my posts…. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting that fix!

    I adore this theme, but that coded “float left” issue was making me go beserk. I now LOVE my blog theme!

    Thanks for a classy theme!

  103. This theme is just awesome !
    Some things I didn’t like and may be most of you too were:
    The large height of the Header, Logo at the right. RSS and Contact Images imbalanced at left.

    But rest as CSS, Author Highlight, Social bookmarking all is just awesome !
    I made the 3 column Footer Widgetized and totally awesome.
    You can have a look at it here WPPanda.
    All I want to know is why Track backs aren’t showing in Comments. and How-To ?

  104. @Franko

    In Header.php, search for “home”. you will find it and the next line calling ks29so_list_pages, just after where this code finishes
    add Category Name

    that’s it, hope it works ! :)

    @InstantShift I don’t know why I can’t see track backs of the Post. Any help ?!
    P.S: You guys have a really big comment traffic. I prefer you guys should add a # button to jump to Comment Form somewhere above! :)

    Anyways, have a good day everybody.

  105. @InstantShift Sorry, I didn’t mean to really flood here. Please don’t ban me.

    I was trying to help Franko and wrote an html tag in the above comment. It just started hyperlinked and its not visible. Please resolve ! :)
    In above comment where there is category name.
    Its [ a href = link >category name </a <li.. ] please rectify.

    Many thanks Sorry again ! :)
    Just wanted to help ! :)

  106. @Franco, Wow, Looks great.
    Specially the grunge footer and I also like that RSS Newspaper ;)

  107. Thanks @Enk. I`d used a plug in (page to links) to solve my problem, i`m not a php wizard, actually I undertand very little about it, so thats the easy way for me. Thanks again

    P.d.: Love what you did with the theme, check out mine

  108. Thanks for the great wordpress theme, it looks great on my web site! All I have to do now is edit the header to my site’s name.

  109. Helo, i opened the demo site on my 10″ netbook and the header is cut.
    I’m using 1024×600 resolution.
    Great theme anyway!! it’s christmas soon :)

  110. Hi im looking to use the excellant Xmas theme for this upcoming christmas, but i have 1 small problem, my site has quite alot of sub pages and for some reason (unlike other themes) its displaying the sub pages in the main heading (along the top) and as i have so many its breaking the whole theme

    How do i change it so i just have main pages in the top part (as i can use the pages widget to display sub pages)



  111. This is new to me I can’t wait to see how it pans out, I’ll keep you updated!

  112. Hello Instantshift,
    thanks so much for providing this wonderful designed christmas theme! i am having this problem when i download it and try to activate it, i was wondering if you have any answer for me as to why, it did the same with the original version and with the new version,i am really impressed with this theme and would love to figure this out to be able to use it and any help would very much be appreciated, thanks in advance,
    jason mcinturff

    here is the message i get :
    Warning: file(/home/moresto1/public_html/santapictures.info/wp-content/themes/ks29so_christmas_v1.12/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/moresto1/public_html/santapictures.info/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/moresto1/public_html/santapictures.info/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

  113. DKumar :)

    We converted this theme to Blogger.. it wasnt easy to convert it.. but we did it finally :) we added your instantshift credits to the footer and in the post :)

    do check out http://www.chethstudios.net/2009/11/christmas-v10-premium-like-blogger.html

  114. Hi guys, me again, I need some help, I have noticed that in the footer when there are lo ts of links (lets say, comments, recent entries,etc) the footer pulls up and a red line appears between the footer and copyright, did anyone managed to solve this?

  115. @Franco Look in the style css > Find the footer css eg. style-one.css (do a search for footer > ctrl-f )

    div#footer{width:auto;padding:10px 0px 0px 0px;clear:both;color:#ffffff;background:#5d3e05 url(../images/style-one/footer-bg.jpg) 0 0 repeat-x;}

    div#footer{width:auto;padding:10px 0px 0px 0px;clear:both;color:#ffffff;background:#5d3e05 url(../images/style-one/footer-bg.jpg) 0 0 repeat-x;}

    Notice the background color for each style are the same (background:#5d3e05) > make sure they have the same color in yours, to prevent that red line.

  116. @ Franco Easier solution: open style css and search for the red color #620001 and change it to desired color.

  117. Any chance of getting the font for the logo?

  118. wow awesome tips thanks for sharing.

  119. @Enk. @Loswl Thanks Guys!

  120. hey how do i download the second version of the thme

  121. @ Raj, second version is included in the download “theme (v1.1)”

  122. Nice Christmas themes for wp. great sharing, thank you

  123. This article has been shared on favSHARE.net. Go and vote it!

  124. @ Mark Crowley,
    You can hide your child pages by using this plugin,
    Hide Pages by Thomas Howard of Instinct Entertainment
    Download it here: http://www.instinct.co.nz/blog/2008/04/hide-pages-plugin/

    You can hide page & posts

  125. Thanks so much for the great theme!! We love it and are so thrilled to have such a nice theme on our site.

  126. Hi guys,

    Still using the theme on my site and I have another question –

    I don’t want child pages to show up in the navigation menu line-up, I want them to drop down from their parent page link when hovered over (does that make sense? LOL).

    Is there a way to do this? Right now, child pages are in the menu nav alongside their parent page and I don’t like that.

  127. Woow great share and design.. Thanks

  128. hi, i like site.

  129. I an having problem in activating style 2 of this wordpress theme kindly help me in installing that

  130. awesome theme, thank you so much! I had a question about the banner section. was this tied to any WP plugin or can this only be adjusted from the Appearance>Editor> Sidebar Area? I tried to instal WP125 and the widthe of the standard plugin is to wide for this theme. Hope someone can give some advice!

  131. Theme looking good.

  132. Thanks guys for putting together this awesome theme. I really love it.

    I need your help. I am trying to put comments link on the home page for each post at the end, so that reader can click that link and directly go to comments section. I tried using comments_link() function, but it’s not taking me straight to the comments part.

    Can you please let me know if I am doing something wrong.

    Thanks again for this awesome theme.


  133. Thank you very much!
    I used

  134. Nice Theme great sharing.


  135. Is to add sub pages in the top menu of this layout?…

  136. Wow…..great resource….but i would have to first own my own wordpress to install it…:(

  137. Thanks for the theme ;) it’s awesome.

  138. NICE!

  139. Thanks so much for the awesome theme!!

    I have a questions that might sound stupid since everyone here seems to know quite a lot about WP and I don’t. Is this theme updated, hence “wordpress 3.0 ready”? I really like the theme and I would like to start a blog but I want to make sure that it is not outdated or so…

    Maybe someone can give me advice on this?

    Thanx so much!

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  142. Wow, cool!
    BTW, this theme does not currently support comments thread? I turned it on but found it did not work with V1.1.

  143. the search doesn’t work and i can’t add linkwithin widget it doesn’t show it how can i solve this problem ?

  144. A really smart looking theme there, cheers!

  145. Your blog is wonderful, I like it very much, thank you!! boyaci Thank you to expect this site

  146. Thank you for this great theme! :-)

  147. Hi, how can I display featured images on my blog, like your demo shows it ?

  148. I was hoping that this had been upgraded for the most recent version of WordPress.
    Sadly not. I love it. :(

  149. Dude must say you are very creative and doing a great job.

  150. Thanks for the nice theme.

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