Know Who’s Behind Your Money – PART 8

This post is the Last and Final part of our groundbreaking series on how do you tell the bargains from the dissipation? Here’s look at some offers that often don’t pay off, plus smart ways to save your money.

What we talking about is someone who you give your money by your will. There is groups of people are after your money, you know all about it and you like to hold on as much of it as you can. Let us start by list them out one by one.

No 8. Shopping at Supermarkets

Supermarkets are a good choice to get the best value out of your money. They usually tend to offer the best and competitive price around just because of their large volume of sales. Every Supermarket are designed in such a way that it makes boring shopping chores enjoyable. There is a very big team of minded peoples behind every chain of supermarkets. They only focus on how they can make you lose your money out of your pocket. The aim of supermarkets designers is to present you with a very wide range of product verities and huge selection probabilities with the purpose of making you spent more. Even though supermarkets are known for offering best price around, you still have to stick to your own budget. Importantly shopping first time on your own can actually be quite exciting and costly. It is really important to stay on your budget though otherwise shopping can turn into a very bad expensive experience!

John from Berlin, Maryland says “I purchased 2 cases of Spring Water because of price $3.88 which is average. Sometimes it is $3.50. But in this case when I got home and the case was packed with 20 bottles instead of the standard 24 bottle case. When they have a special pack they should mark the sign so you know what you are getting. I would not have bought it had I known it was a 20 bottle case.” A University study found that out of 80 purchases 6-15 times you going too cheated by supermarkets in general which is relatively quite a good amount.

Know Who’s Behind Your Money

Quite often many families use the supermarket as a venue for your kids to run off their energy before bedtime and also think that the supermarket’s a great place for an extended family day out.

There are also too many complains about food products which is available in bulk at supermarkets. Many of them are out dated or covered with new label. “In the past 6 months we have had some rotten luck with outdated stock at the superstore in Kokomo. We bought crackers from 2004 and instant pudding from 2003. Last week we started to buy cottage cheese and I looked at the date and the front ones were a week out of date. I finally got some from way in the back and it was ok. But today we purchased 35lb bags of flour. They were not outdated but were full of bugs, and we ruined a dozen eggs making noodles. Thank you, but I like chicken with my noodles.” says Robert from Tipton, Indiana.

The best advice If you planning to shop in supermarkets then make sure that you have a list of the product which you already decided to buy. Don’t trust your memory else you end up buying extra stuff.

Also there are many offers floating around in supermarkets. Try keep saying no to SPECIAL OFFERS. If the product being promoted is not in your list, politely refuse to taste, see or get extra information about the product.

When you found the product that you need, don’t just pick it up and put it in your trolley. Check all the shelves, up and low lf possible. Because in most of the cases you will find that the most expensive brand occupies the eye level shelf whilst cheaper brands, which are also good, are placed in lower shelves.

And for last, try to keep your shopping into your budget and avoid the frequent trips to supermarkets.

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