5 Beautiful Icons Set For Web Designers

Icons are the basic requirement of any web related project and good icons are like a treasure for web designers.

Being a successful creative web artist has a lot to do with the way you work.

5 Beautiful Icons Set For Web Designers

Sure, you can’t teach good design in some lessons or you can’t create icons for your daily needs, but it never hurts to pick a few free icons which are always available free to grub.

1. Function Icon Set

Function icon set is a great collection designed by Liam McKay. All icons are free for personal non-commercial use.

2. Web Development Icons

Icojoy has beautiful free icon sets including web development icon sets, pixel icon sets, rss icon sets & smiley icons.

This is the 4th part of their web development icon sets. Click here to find their all free icons.

Web development icons is a set with 60 free icons in web 2.0 style (24×24). These icons are free to use in any kind of project unlimited times.

3. Monofactor

Monofactor is a beautiful set contains 25 scalable Illustrator format icons. You are completely free to edit, change and/or directly use the icons in your site and in any kind of your projects.

4. Aquaticus Social Icons

Aquaticus is a beautiful social icons set designed by Jwoloh (60×60, 48×48, 24×24, 16×16).

5. Simplicio

Simplicio is a simple looking but a quality & free icon set.

The set has 78 icons & the download package consists of ICO, PNG & AI files.

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  1. Look very nice ! Thanks for share

  2. Nice icons.

    I like the Icojoy and the Monofactor ones the best, as they can be used for any type of project.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. this is like a help for designers.


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  5. Nice collection! I like the Monofactor. Thanks again.

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  10. Nice collection of icons. I really like the Function set and I’m looking forward to the right project to use Simplicio.

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  17. Very good list of icons if you have more feed and bookmark icons please share with us. thank you.

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