35 Websites With Bold Colour Schemes

A good web designer always looking for ways to get inspired by colours. Colours are a source key element in any website.

The First Look is all what it needs. Usually this means searching for various inspirational web designs on various web design galleries. However, recently I’ve found some good Designs using excellent Bold colour combination to define a First Look. Take a glimpse at this verity of bold colour schemes, and you might find that it can help inspire and motivate you on your next scratch.

The basic point behind this post is to show you that you don’t need to just follow the routine methods for choosing colour schemes, there are lots of creative work out there to get inspire and break those routine bounds of choosing colours.

As a web designer I’m also looking for some real creative work for taking inspiration. Here is the list of 35 bold colour schemes which may help you in your next project.

1. Web Designer Wall

Unique bookmark for Web Designers. A Wall of design ideas, web trends, and tutorials.

Official Site

2. N.Design Studio

N.Design Studio no longer needs any Introduction. Their creativity shows in their Work and other projects.

Official Site

3. Emotionslive

Emotionslive is a professional portfolio or a freelance web graphic designer Mike.  You can find some nice pieces of web, graphic and logo design in there.

Official Site

4. Alias mtv

Alias is one of the Russian branch of MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International.

Official Site

5. Min’s Blog

min.frexy is a Online Blog of Professional veteran web designer Min Tran from Viet Nam. In here you can feed your thoughts and opinions about design.

Official Site

6. For Web Designers

ForWebDesigners is an online directory containing unique links related to web design.  They having 676 helpful links for Web Designers.

Official Site

7. Frexy

Frexy is a small design studio founded by Min Tran – a veteran web designer from Viet Nam. Frexy specializes in cutting-edge web design; delivering mind-blowing, impressive works that stand-out among the crowd.

Official Site

8. MA.TT

MA.TT is an online photo gallery founded by Matthew Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress, the blogging software that runs much of this site and thousands of other sites around the world.

Official Site

9. Monofactor

In Monofactor’s words, they provide design in theory and practice for people. It’s a personal portfolio for the freelance designer.

Official Site

10. 1feel

1feel is a web designing studio from Beijing. In other words professional Website Construction Experts, whose works are many gained special awards and the most powerful design studio appointed by media.

Official Site

11. Beautifully – Webdesign Links

Beautifully webdesign links some very cool online creative designs full of art and inspiration.

Official Site

12. Spunk United Magazine

Spunk United (SpUNk) is loaded with good content about design and music. It is an art and music culture magazine. They are all about image, but this isn’t your traditional glossy magazine.

Official Site

13. The Rissington Podcast

Official Site

14. Newconcept

This is the portfolio blog of Szabolcs Bakos, a web 2.0 designer from Hungary.

Official Site

15. Viget

Viget  facilitated by the developers at Falls Church, VA-based web consulting firm Viget Labs – They discuss the latest standards, review some of the coolest technologies and applications, review books, talk about great conferences and meetups, and generally dig into the nitty-gritty meat of what’s happening in today’s web industry.

Official Site

16. komodomedia

Komodo Media is a tiny web design studio and blog created, inspired by and maintained by Rogie King. As of this writing, is on its 4th redesign. Each version expresses some part of Designer personality.

Official Site

17. Jay Hafling

jayhafling is a online blog of Jay Hafling, twenty four year old professional web designer from Ukraine.

Official Site

18. Sourcebits

Sourcebits TangledDecals is a perfect place to make your iPhone, iPods, T-shirts groovy.

Official Site

19. Noe design Studio

Noe Design Studio is the personal portfolio of Dan Noe, an Iowa-based multi-media designer specializing in branding, advertising and web design solutions. Dan’s work has been featured in Communication Arts, Logo Lounge 4, on the FWA and in Web Builder Magazine.

Official Site

20. Jason Bradbury

The official website of UK TV presenter and Children’s author Jason Bradbury.

Official Site

21. Facebookster

Facebookster focuses on strategic Facebook application development. At Facebookster, we have professional Facebook application developers who are well trained and well equipped with all the skills and technical requirements for a perfect Facebook application.

Official Site

22. Inspiredology

Inspiredology offers designers with inspirational designs and concepts.

Official Site

23. Cr3arv

Cr3ar, A shiny project developed by Mexican Web Designer  Eduardo Cruz.

Official Site

24. AdaptD

AdaptD, A web design/development company that creates Custom Webdesign, Business logos, Custom Web Development.

Official Site

25. Dale Harris

Dale Harris, Creative Branding & Graphic Design Bendigo Victoria Australia

Official Site

26. Superawesome

Superawesome is a small and affordable design firm specialized in visual design for the modern Web.

Official Site

27. Refresh the Triangle

A community of designers/developers working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of new media endeavors in their areas through design, technology, usability, and standards.

Official Site

28. Darkmotion

Darkmotion, A animation & Illustration portfolio of Pasquale D’Silva.

Official Site

29. Color Charge

Eyecatching, effective, and accessible web interfaces. Designed with pixel-precision, and hand-coded for you, with quality assurance.

Official Site

30. Speak lightCMS

speaklight is a  official website for LightCMS, a web based content management system for designers and ad agencies. 100% branded web 2.0 content management system. Content management systems are also known as cms.

Official Site

31. Design Disease

Design Disease is a service agency which provides cost-effective Blog design and Web design services focused on usability, accessibility and Web standards.

Official Site

32. Breeze Legal Solutions

Breeze Legal Solutions is a software firm. Their flagship product can Create load files, Bates number, OCR and batch-process documents at your desktop with a breakthrough, affordable software called breeze.

Official Site

33. Radu ceuca

Radu ceuca having wonderful background Colour scheme of splattered look.

Official Site

34. WebbliWorld

WebbliWorld is a free safe site for kids featuring games, jokes, competitions, video, news, friends and more.

Official Site

35. myNiteLife

myNiteLife is a online platform for Rate and review Sheffield’s night life venues and plan and organize your nights out.

Official Site

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  1. Actually these are some websites using contrast colors and experimenting with colors.

    Most of these websites I visit for daily Inspiration. :)

  2. I would argue that 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 30, and 34 aren’t bold color schemes, because these designs have darker color palettes. It almost feels like these sites were just thrown in as filler. Not to say that they aren’t nice sites, but I definitely wouldn’t call their designs bold.

    Otherwise, this is a nice collection. Bright colors are really in right now.

  3. Great suggestion really enjoyed since blog with several templates.

  4. great i will try to use these kibd of colors

  5. A good web designer always looking for ways to get inspired by colours. Colours are a source key element in any website.

  6. Good points . I especially like your point about responding to comments and trying to promote the guest post on stumbleupon and other social media sites. The more you give back the more writing opportunities you will get.

  7. Great tips here. It is all about hooking your reader and keeping them there. Unlike what they taught you in grade school you definitely want to front-load and lead with your best stuff. It is all writing to attract.

  8. Those are very well known site and those site color are bold well. I like those site.

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