Know Who’s Behind Your Money – Part 1

This post is part 1 of 8 in our groundbreaking series on how do you tell the bargains from the dissipation? Here’s look at some offers that often don’t pay off, plus smart ways to save your money.

Ok, first it’s not really about actual thieves and hackers. What we talking about is someone who you give your money by your will. There is groups of people are after your money, you know all about it and you like to hold on as much of it as you can. Let us start by list them out one by one.

No. 1 – Cell phone firms

When Denial was in his first year of college he bought newly launched black Nokia N72 and after few months the price for new N72 models down over by 50%. This is happening more often with cell phones providers. They launch new models with same or quite a negligible difference in compare to old one but the only big difference you can find in its price.

Like same there are many Insurance agencies come into picture which claims to provide cell phone replacement insurance if anyone had any defect in his brand new model. Like vice when David James’s black Motorola v9 got cracked in his flip, he called his insurance agent to replace it. They charge David over 60$ and then it’s true he got replacement but not what he expected. He got a already used second hand black Motorola V9.

Now whose fault it is or it’s just a David’s fault who didn’t read the contract properly. There is a pile of cases like David out there.

Well the one and only advice is to skip the cell phone insurance unless you have a high end device like HP IPAQ or 02 or your children tend to lose their own expensive phones.

And also there should be no hurry in purchasing latest models. Wait for some time and see the results.

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