instantShift.com is the light chronicle moments of knowledge, created as world moving forward. iShift, as we call it, is a platform to provide you little shift from your day today busy life. moments, thoughts, knowledge and experiences as you go about your life & technology.

If you work with any modern technology or otherwise drink knowledge for living, instantShift promises to take your knowledge skills and experiences to a whole new level. We trying to make knowledge available in any form.

We’re living in the era of Web 2.0, blogs and social networking so why anyone left without knowing about anything that might be useful.

Occasional unhappiness is normal but the unrelenting of your situation probably means you have something more severe.

We believe in simplicity and our philosophy of PR is summed up in six practical words: be creative, be everywhere, be simple. we trying to fit whole box of information into these few words.

Be creative…many people thinks that the person sitting next to them were born with god gifted skills of creativity but our view is simple… we think everyone had their own set of skills and creativity. they just need little shift to evoke them.

Be everywhere…every single night I personally would go out with my friends and meet folks from different profession…while other folks went home to their families, I went out and made a family.

Be real…it’s nothing important what you showing..what important is how you seen by others. simplicity not just means how you look like or your way of living. one can make life simple by happiness as some one said once.

It’s so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple

Well, it’s a story of life time in few packs of words. Most of the important work is easy to know, hard to do and iShift helping you to Attach your brand to a movement.

Every opinion matters to us. We are open to all types of suggestions. Feel free to send us your comments, suggestions, or criticisms about our services.