How to Design a Profitable Landing Page

Landing pages are getting traction nowadays and the reason behind their overnight fame is their effectiveness to boost conversions and leads.

A landing page is an individual webpage that is created with an intention to nudge visitors and attract them to complete specific actions. It means the main aim here is to draw folks’ attention in order to produce sales through free giveaways or signup forms.

It won’t be an exaggeration if we declare landing page a complete website in itself. It requires eye-popping images, catchy headlines, noticeable buttons, and meaningful illustrations.

In this article, you will discover ways that can help design a profitable landing page to maximize conversions and leads. Eventually, you will be able to inspire visitors to subscribe to your mailing list or purchase your products.

Define Your Aim

Setting the aim of your landing page is of immense importance before you get started. Determine why you are going to build an LP. There could be different purposes such as growing your subscriber list, selling out stock on hand and letting your visitors know about an exclusive offer. However, the main aim of creating a landing page is to convert your website traffic into leads. Many landing pages have forms where users can insert their information. This data can be used for productive purposes.

Determine Target Audience

Relevance is the key to success while creating a landing page. Know who your target audience is and the information you are trying to deliver. No two minds in this world think alike. It is advisable to create different landing pages with each targeting an exact part of the audience. Many companies and businesses try to create one generic landing page that offers the same experience to every visitor. This is not a healthy practice when it comes to designing a productive page for leads and conversion purposes.

Determine Target Audience

For instance, you could create two landing pages tailored to address customers living in different regions. One may promote summer wear to people living in tropical areas, while the second might highlight winter collection for folks residing in cold regions. Determining the target audience will help you build a sound page exactly meeting the company’s requirements.

Write Persuasive Text

A compelling copy can work wonders to achieve your profitable landing page goals. This needs to be written in accordance with the productive copywriting standards. The effectiveness of your landing page largely depends upon the copy. That’s why it should be brief and relevant to the target audience.

  • Heading: Just like the email subject line, the headline of your page must be attractive enough to draw the attention of every visitor. It should be written using catchy words and phrases. Writing a persuasive heading doesn’t mean that you should get distracted from the basic concept and talk irrelevant. An effective heading must be based on truth to provide a concise introduction of the entire page.
  • Body: Construct a message that’s concise, true, informative, and simple. Urgency always helps increase leads and conversions. Make sure to include this factor while writing your sales message. Similarly, openly ask for visitors’ information if you are collecting data to send emails in order to maintain future communication through promotions and offers. Try to be candid as people don’t like reading stuff that looks fake or ambiguous. A landing page is not a place where you can talk in-depth about promotions, simply convey the message in a clear way so that visitors can understand and take actions based on the given information.
  • CTA: Call-to-actions have great importance as they serve as the heart of an LP. Make them look clear and easily actionable. A CTA should be placed at the right spot in your sales copy. It should be prominent enough to grab readers’ attention.
  • Footer: After subscribing to an offer or becoming a part of an ongoing promotion, people look for your contact information for future correspondence. They want to stay in touch regarding concerns and queries that they may have regarding a promotional offer. Footer is the right place to include all your contact information.
Use Great Pictures

Use Great Pictures

A good destination page should contain jaw-dropping images of your products or services. Never ever consider using inferior quality pictures as they will give a bad impression of your business. Customers will be paying attention only if the images are eye-catching with a beautiful background. Use online stock photo resources to find the best relevant pictures. Just search with a term and you will get hundreds of matching images within seconds. Spending a few minutes while searching for the right photo shouldn’t hurt. It will add value to your landing page and eventually help with lead generation.

No matter if you can’t find a free stock photo, you can go for a paid one. Remember, you will be deriving profit from this extraordinary landing page. So, don’t consider saving a few bucks and risk your page by using free low-quality images.

Include Required Product Info

A large number of businesses create landing pages with an objective to sell more stuff. If you have a similar purpose, then never shy to highlight all the important aspects of your product. Write descriptive product information to attract visitors. Emphasize all the important specs such as size, features, dimensions, and weight, etc. Customers have so many other options to select from. That’s why it’s time to tell them what makes your products different from others.

As mentioned above, LPs with more than a few offers are likely to gain less attention as compared to the one created dedicatedly for a single deal. Many people get tired when they think of writing a detailed description on a landing page. Take an expert as an inspiration. You can also seek professional assistance if you fail to come up with a striking product description idea.

A well-organized landing page is built to accentuate the importance of a product that you are trying to sell. Omitting to write essential information about the item will not bring the desired results. So, make sure to create a nice message that highlights all the noteworthy characteristics.

Add Genuine Customer Reviews

Winning visitors’ hearts isn’t that simple. People of modern times have become vigilant and they seldom trust offers that are created with a lack of confidence. Adding a few genuine customer reviews to your landing page is a wonderful idea to build trust.

According to research, 85% of buyers check online reviews before making a purchase decision.

It’s time to take advantage of some of the most striking responses that you received from a loyal clientele. Make sure to add great feedback from happy customers. Remember, their testimonials can be very helpful in advertising your products or services.

Use Discount Codes

People looking for discounts on their favorite products love seeing promote codes on a landing page. The online business community has understood the significance of offering discounts on special offers.

According to research, 57% of users prefer businesses that deliver special discounts to returning customers.

Offer extra incentives in the form of coupon codes. There can be a different discount offer for each landing page that you create for a set of the targeted audience. A dedicated landing page helps you promote one particular special offer without affecting other marketing strategies.

List Benefits

Explicitly mention all the benefits of your offer. You may use bullets to write down a list of rewards. It is advisable to use a bullet format because it requires fewer details and offers a brief overview. The information listed in such a format grabs the attention of the reader and entice him to read more. Start from the strongest advantages of your product and then come down to the weakest ones. Choosing bullets doesn’t mean that you should go way long down the page. Just five to seven bullets should be enough to save customers from tediousness.

Use Simple Design Approach

Use Simple Design Approach

You may have a lot of design options available to create an impressive landing page. However, choosing a simple layout is what makes you stand out from others. A minimalist design approach looks beautiful and presents information in a nicer way. Keep in mind, there should enough white space to keep visitors focused on the content of your LP. Select a simple, yet big font to make the text easily readable. Another great benefit of using a simple design is that your page’s loading time will be efficient. Experiments have shown that simple design loads faster than a pretentious one.

Make It Responsive on all Resolutions

Make sure to test your design elements on different screen resolutions. Remember, your page will be accessed from various monitors. That’s why people using old displays should also read and see everything clearly. A large number of users access websites and see their offers using a mobile device. About half of the web activities are performed through mobile devices. So, never forget to check a landing page on mobile and tablet devices. You can find a lot of minimalist design inspirations on the internet. Take your time and go through each to under the significance of simplicity.

Use Social Sharing

In today’s age of social media, it’s crucial to use social sharing elements on a landing page. Don’t forget to embrace social media icons because they play a huge part in spreading the word about your products or services. Your offers, products, and deals will reach afar when people start sharing the landing page. It’s not necessary to use all the icons, but you can use the ones that your target audience uses. Many designers email element as an outdated option, which is not true at all. People from around the world still prefer sharing stuff via email. Therefore, be sure to add an email forwarding choice while you design the page.

Do A/B Testing

Designing a landing page is not enough. You need to make sure everything works in accordance with your expectations. A/B testing is a wonderful idea to examine the performance of different elements that you incorporated to present an offer in the form of a landing page. Perform A/B testing to gather useful analytics on how visitors interact with the page. You can observe how a user watched a video, clicked a button or photo. There are useful tools available that allow us to assess the conversion ratio of a landing page. A wise person can perform the A/B testing on graphics, headings, buttons, CTAs, navigation links, press quotes, blocks and trust signals.


Businesses, industries, and companies have understood the great importance of having an online presence. They spend a lot to make their business popular on the internet. The landing page provides an exclusive opportunity to build customer attention towards a specific product or offer. It delivers a great chance to run user-focused marketing campaigns. However, the success of a landing page mainly depends upon its design. Just like any other important task, every little detail matters a lot. Only a professionally designed LP has the ability to convert and generate leads. An effective landing page leaves a nice impact on its users and entices them to perform required actions.

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