30 Must Know Pop Up Business Cards Design Examples

It has been undoubtedly clear that if you like to make your business stand out, then it is necessary for you to have interesting and eye-catching business cards. Besides these qualities, it must be interactive so that people can easily remember your company and the services you offer.

Now the thing is how could you make it interesting and interactive in the best possible ways. Business cards that allow people to play with, are more attention-grabbing and they are capable enough to leave long-lasting brand image.

Going for the pop up business card approach is a good idea to represent your company enticingly and showcase what it delivers. From selling point of view, alluring pop up card designs urge people to watch and play with them at least once as they have been crafted creatively. Furthermore, this sort of cards influence audience and recall them till the people are convinced to contact you.

To help those company owners, who are still confused about the pattern and style of their business cards, we decided to bring a list incorporated with the best examples. In this post, all of you will get the most inspiring pop up business card designs that are popular worldwide for creative artwork. Hopefully, this list will give you an idea to design your own cards as per the business requirement.

The examples composed here are in high-solution format and attached with source links, by which, you can directly land to the company site. So, why to wait for having second thought, just start enjoying this collection enriched with 25+ innovative designs.

1. Nation Builder

Nation Builder

It is the combination of folded and pop up card design which is quite innovative and different from boring traditional business card designs that are generally used by the builders. Once you unfold the card, a clear picture appears in front of you that defines what service your company offers and how you give a shape to your clients’ imaginations and ideas. A creative and inspiring design for other builders.

2. Ayako Okada Pop Up Business Card

Ayako Okada Pop Up Business Card

3. CD Business Card- Acdsleeve

CD Business Card- Acdsleeve

This business card design describes that it is related to the music. The top circle seems like a music CD which is connected with a player. There is a thoughtful approach behind this.

4. Krakatua Greeting Card

Krakatua Greeting Card

Krakatua owns a greeting card cum business card which is rolled into single card beautifully and catches the audience’s attention. If we talk about the idea of this creation, then it’s quite goal-oriented and decorative. Moving with such type of approach is efficacious for those who deal with greeting cards or creative things in the market that need impressive artwork.

5. Intersection


Intersection business card is inspired by the pop up style, where we see a car that can be folded in order to give it a real car shape. It is an awesome example of creativity which is fully centered with its professional goal. This new concept leads the car industry to have such type of cards that urge audience to play with and effectively do their promotional work.

6. Bentply


Bently refers to the art of creating furniture using plywood and their business card symbolizes this ingeniously. It enables the users to play with card as it can form into a chair and the same image you can see over the card. Another great example of professional and creative design that allures the people a lot.

7. Wildcard Pop-up Business Card

Wildcard Pop-up Business Card

8. The Wall Art Rockers Business Card

The Wall Art Rockers Business Card

9. Easel


To see Easel business card, you cannot think that it consumed less amount of creativity. If you will figure out deeply by analyzing it, then you’ll consider how a flat card can turn into 3 dimensional design, which is incredible.

10. Metal Pop Up Card

Metal Pop Up Card

If you love to see classy card design, we will recommend going through Metal Pop Up Card which is something different and unique. Here, you can see how stunningly metal can be utilized in business card which does not seem vogue, but looks like a stylish design.

11. 3D Metal Pop UP Business Card

3D Metal Pop UP Business Card

12. A Pop Up Card by REACTOR

A Pop Up Card by REACTOR

13. Gnome Snail Business Cards

Gnome Snail Business Cards

14. Tam Cargo

Tam Cargo

Card of Tam Cargo in cube shape is another best example of this list which appears flat at the start, afterwards pops up to a cubic box kept with top & bottom. It is simpler than others as one can fold it in just three easy folds and get an elegant box which represents that the company deals in cargo industry. There is an aeroplane that indicates convenient shipping of cargos.

15. Capak Architects

Capak Architects

After the pop up, Capak’s business card turns into a house with red colored roof. This is an appreciable creation defining the work of architect. One of the best and professional examples it is for the inspiration.

16. Butterfly Business Card

Butterfly Business Card

If anyone wants a standard card designed professionally without any use of glue, which perfectly fits in the holder, then Butterfly pop up design is an exclusive example for you.

17. Tasty Little Creations

Tasty Little Creations

18. Business Card – Digital Alpaca

Business Card - Digital Alpaca

19. Art Unltd

Art Unltd

If we discuss about its shape, then it would be tough to explain what is it exactly. But, it is definitely an exclusive and unique idea to present card in this appealing shape to entice the people.

20. Dashing Home

Dashing Home

Business card of Dashing Home is approached from pop up idea and it looks trendy yet simple, but you cannot underestimate simple designs as these are easy to remember. This is an environment friendly furniture store and shows that having a professional & simple pop up card design can also be quintessential for the business.

21. Francesco Ferrigno

Francesco Ferrigno

Keeping hand drawn artwork can also prove to be profitable to grasp the audiences’ attention and Francesco Ferrigno’s business card depicts the same. It is inspired from pop-up greeting idea and effectively utilizes cardboard with pop up. Truly an excellent design when you fold it.

22. Emerson Taymor

Emerson Taymor

When Emerson Taymor’s card design opened, a cutout picture stands up which is actually the card owner image. When it comes to contact details, then these are mentioned on the back side of the image which pops out.

23. Actual Size Creative Business Card

Actual Size Creative Business Card

24. Popupology Lovebirds Business Card

Popupology Lovebirds Business Card

25. Popupology 3D Business Card

Popupology 3D Business Card

26. Popupology 3D hands business card

Popupology 3D hands business card

27. Clark&Kent Phonebooth

Clark & Kent Phonebooth

This is a small advertising agency which operates phone booth across New York and Clark&Kent Phonebooth’s business card aspired by pop up style forms a phonebooth when it is being folded.

28. Samir Bharadwaj Pop-Up Business Card

Samir Bharadwaj Pop-Up Business Card

29. Amazing 3D Pop Up Typography Business Card

Amazing 3D Pop Up Typography Business Card

30. Base One Popup Business Cards

Base One Popup Business Cards


The above-mentioned card designs are popular for innovative pop up styles and all of them have been fantastically created, so kicking the brain into high gear to get inspired. If you have any special business card design which is the ideal combination of professional & creative design, then feel free to drop a line below. If you love this article, then appreciate it by sharing.

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