20 Useful Web Development Online Courses and Tutorials

Web developers come from various fields. Often times, you won’t be able to distinguish who graduated with a bachelor’s degree on Computer Science and who are the ones who simply consider it as a hobby. Once developers get the hang of it, the next step is to continue to learn more. Someone who studied web programming for years in college is at a disadvantage if they stop learning after graduation.

There are so many new things to learn and so many versions of computer language. And someone who only learns about the fundamentals will never grow if they only keep it at the basic level.

Good thing there are tons of online classes about every topic imaginable, including web development. Be it refreshing your basic knowledge about a language or advancing to the next level of programming, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Below are 20 online courses and tutorials on web development. Some needs registration, and some only needs downloading and watching class materials. Take your pick (or two) because most of them are free.


1. Web Development

The course covers the fundamentals of the Internet and Web protocols. It also touches on some of the languages used in web development.

This course will expose you to the basic fundamentals of the Internet and Web protocols, the different architectures that Web-related applications use, and the programming languages that enable the development of Web applications, placing particular emphasis on JavaScript, HTML, XML, AJAX, and Java Server Pages (JSP).

Course Link: via Saylor

2. Dynamic Web Development Basics

It’s a short course that helps students create their own mySQL database. The only requirements are HTML or Text editor and access to a hosting account or local server.

You will learn how to use a web page to modify content within a database. This content can then be displayed on a web page.

Course Link: via Udemy

3. Computer Science 50

Computer Science 50 (otherwise known as CS50) is Harvard College’s introductory course for majors and non-majors alike, a one-semester amalgam of courses generally known as CS1 and CS2 taught mostly in C.

It’s a course that focuses on solving problems analytically before the programming. Topics range from algorithm to software engineering to web development. Even those without programming experience can take this course.

Course Link: via Harvard Extension School

4. Web Design Fundamentals

This course is a survey of web design and development in recent years. It provides an up-to-date view on the developments in the field.

Instructor James Williamson examines popular web development tools, server-side software solutions, content management solutions, and cloud-based software, providing a high-level overview of the world of Web publishing.

Course Link: via Lynda

5. Web Programming and Design

It’s a 3-month introductory course that focuses on the languages XHTML, JavaScript and Flash Scripting. Beginning with basic XHTML you will learn valid mark up while focusing on layout and effective site navigation. You will develop an understanding of JavaScript followed by an introduction to multimedia content, Flash animation and design and Flash scripting.

Course Link: via Humber

6. Building Dynamic Websites

Since websites no longer rely on just simple HTML, this training course focuses on how to build dynamic websites using Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It also touches on other programming languages such as CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript.

Course Link: via Harvard Extension School

7. Advanced Topics in Web Development

If you’re already adept in various web programming languages, this course can update you with current web standards. This course will cover advanced Web coding concepts and teach students how to add an extra layer of usability to a Web page using a current scripting language or tool. Students will learn how to create, accessible modern web applications that integrate current Web standards.

Course Link: via ETSU


8. HTML Essential Training

This course allows students to have a firm grasp on HTML. It touches on HTML5 and CSS and teaches how to optimize pages for search engines.

Course Link: via Lynda

9. HTML5 Introduction

Update your knowledge about HTML with this course. The only requirement is basic computer skills and a bunch of softwares and some web space.

Course Link: via IWA

10. XML Tutorial

A mark-up language that formats information readable by both humans and machines. It’s a complimentary language to HTML.

Course Link: via w3schools

11. Introduction to XHTML

XHTML bridges HTML and XML, and this course teaches you how. It also introduces CSS.

Course Link: via IWA

12. CSS Fundamentals

This basic course doesn’t just give a high-level overview of CSS, but also shows how it integrates with HTML. It also puts into context the current state of CSS.

Course Link: via Lynda

13. Introduction to CSS3

Level-up your knowledge on CSS with this course. It’s the first revision to the cascading-style sheet since the boom of smartphones and other handheld devices.

Course Link: via IWA

14. Javascript Tutorials for the Beginner

This course is targeted for complete newbies in Javascript but expect learners to know a bit of HTML and CSS prior to the class. It covers the basics up to its integration with HTML5.

Course Link: via Home & Learn


15. Creating a Responsive Web Design

Web pages are now being viewed in different devices, and this course teaches how to make responsive websites.

Course Link: via Lynda

16. Website Project Management

Creating web projects involve a lot of planning and management. In this course, you’ll learn to manage web projects that can follow the time frame and fit the budget.

Course Link: via IWA

17. Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps

Expand your experience on web and app development by applying it to creative and digital work with the help of this course. It will teach technical skills needed to write software that make use of images, audio and graphics, and will concentrate on the application of these skills to creative projects.

Course Link: via Coursera

18. Programming for Designers

An object-oriented programming course that allows designers to channel their creativity through multimedia applications.

Course Link: via UNSW

19. User Experience for the Web

This course helps web development focuses on the users of their projects. It helps them come up with designs that are user-friendly.

Course Link: via Open2Study

20. Understanding Computers and the Internet

Not necessarily for developers alone, students of this course are guided to understand how technology, especially computers and the internet, works.

Course Link: via Harvard Extension School

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