A Collection of 28 Superb WordPress Twitter Plugins for 2013

Social media marketing is a crucial step that any business, online or offline, should not overlook. Twitter is one of the most popular and powerful social media platforms that should be integrated into this marketing avenue. However, it might be a tedious task using Twitter to market your website in terms of time and energy. This tedious task could be reduced exponentially by the use of plugins.

Twitter plugins help people reduce the amount of work done by integrating their Twitter accounts with their WordPress accounts. These plugins come with many features to ease this work. below, I have outlined 28 superb WordPress Twitter plugins you should consider using in 2013.


1. Twitter Mentions As Comments

instantShift - Twitter Mentions As Comments

Twitter Mentions as Comments plugin scours Twitter for people talking about your site and inserts their Tweets alongside your existing comments. This is a perfect way to add spice to your existing discussions.

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2. Nextend Twitter Connect

instantShift - Nextend Twitter Connect

Nextend Twitter Connect is a fantastic WordPress Plugin that helps your readers with existing Twitter accounts sign up on your site with their Twitter credentials of which they can late login with.

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3. Twitter Tweets Box

instantShift - Twitter Tweets Box

Twitter Tweets Box is a Widgets let you display your Twitter updates on your WordPress blog.

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4. Rapid Twitter Widget

instantShift - Rapid Twitter Widget

Rapid Twitter Widget allows you to display your latest tweets from one or more accounts in a WordPress widget without slowing your website.

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5. Skysa Twitter Follow App

instantShift - Skysa Twitter Follow App

Skysa Twitter Follow App is a plugin that allows your site visitors to follow your twitter account with one click without leaving your site.

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6. WD Twitter Feed

instantShift - WD Twitter Feed

WD twitter Feed is a feed plugin that uses Ajax, which means that the data is being loaded behind the scene thus allowing your page to load quickly.

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7. Latest Twitter Updates With Date And Time

instantShift - Latest Twitter Updates With Date And Time

This plugin will display the most recent tweets for a Twitter user who has their tweets set as public.

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8. WP to Twitter

instantShift - WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter helps you to automatically post your tweets from your WordPress website to Twitter using your URL shortening service. It also truncates any update that is less more than 140 characters.

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9. HL Twitter

instantShift - HL Twitter

HL Twitter is a WordPress plugin that lets you display your tweets as a widget in your sidebar. Additionally, you could use it to browse your entire Twitter history from on your blog.

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10. Twitter Widget Pro

instantShift - Twitter Widget Pro

Twitter Widget Pro is a plugin that inserts a widget that properly handles twitter feeds, including parsing @username, hashtag, and URLs into links.

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11. Twitter Tools

instantShift - Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a WordPress plugin that helps you create a complete integration between your blog and your Twitter account. It helps you create tweet posts and download your tweet archive easily.

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12. JM Twitter Cards

instantShift - JM Twitter Cards

JM Twitter Cards plugin adds Twitter cards on your posts according to your settings. The plugin additionally allows you to customize your cards.

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13. Rotating Tweets

instantShift - Rotating Tweets

Rotating Tweets Plugin is a plugin that allows you to show your latest tweets one at a time an animated rotation. It also has a shortcode to assist in the rotation.

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14. Twitter Plugin

instantShift - Twitter Plugin

With over 121,000 downloads, Twitter Plugin helps you to add a follow button on your blog in an easy way. It allows you to also specify the position you would like for the button.

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15. Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget

instantShift - Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget

The Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget is a WordPress plugin that displays the latest posts from your Twitter account in a sidebar widget. You also have the option to specify the number of tweets to display.

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16. Twitter Tracker

instantShift - Twitter Tracker

Twitter Tracker is a helpful plugin that helps you display a Twitter search tab on your blog. It also allows you to place a Hashtag on your websites sidebar.

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17. Twitter Cards Meta

instantShift - Twitter Cards Meta

Twitter Cards Meta is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to insert Twitter Cards metadata into your website easily. This helps you increase your Twitter brand and visibility.

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18. Ultimate Twitter Profile Widget

instantShift - Ultimate Twitter Profile Widget

You can use the Ultimate Twitter Profile Widget plugin to show tweets in three places. The first place is the page, the second place is the post while the third place is the sidebar.

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19. WordPress Dashboard Twitter

instantShift - WordPress Dashboard Twitter

WordPress Dashboard Twitter is a plugin that adds Twitter on your dashboard. It displays Twitter @replies, direct messages, sent messages, Retweets, Friends Timeline and favorites the convenient way within your WordPress dashboard.

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20. Twitter Cards

instantShift - Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards WordPress plugin helps you to add Twitter Card markup to individual posts.

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21. Twitter Like Box

instantShift - Twitter Like Box

Twitter Like Box helps you add a like box, similar to the Facebook Like box, on your sidebar. With this plugin, you can display your followers anywhere you like on your blog.

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22. Twitter Stream

instantShift - Twitter Stream

Twitter Stream is a very simple, caching inclusive, Twitter plugin designed to show your Twitter timeline to your readers.

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23. WP Twitter

instantShift - WP Twitter

This plugin allows you to integrate your blog with your Twitter account thereby adding Twitter features to your posts and pages. it also supports Complete Sharethis Button Integration.

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24. Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+

instantShift - Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+

This general social media WordPress plugin allows your readers to share your posts on social media including Twitter.

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25. Twitter Follow Button In Comments

instantShift - Twitter Follow Button In Comments

This Twitter plugin helps your readers include their Twitter link when adding a comment on your blog.

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26. My Twitter Widget

instantShift - My Twitter Widget

My Twitter Widget is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to add a sidebar widget that offers you the possibility to show your latest in your WordPress blog.

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27. WP Twitter Feeder Widget 1.0

instantShift - WP Twitter Feeder Widget 1.0

WP Twitter Feeder Widget is a plugin that helps you to easily display your latest tweets on your blog.

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28. WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

instantShift - WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS helps you boost your site design and functionality quickly. The plugin developers define bootstrap as a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart the development of webapps and sites. It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, and navigation.

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  1. all of above WordPress Twitter Plugins are so impotent for all kinds of WordPress designer or user if anybody follows your tips he can gather a lot of knowledge about WordPress twitter plugins design.

  2. This is a large list of Twitter plugins to take care of all your blogging needs. :)

  3. give me simple twitter feed plugins …

  4. I made a Tweet Collection plugin for me. I want search specify tweet from my tweets. But twitter don’t provides the feature. I collect my tweets by realtime and post it to my blog. Each tweet is saved individually. So I can search each tweet. I love my tweet plugin. http://wordpress.org/plugins/tweet-collection/

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