LinkedIn: A Sales and Marketing Tool B2B Companies Can’t Ignore [Infographic]

LinkedIn works. Oh yes, it definitely does. It’s just that your sales and marketing teams have not truly leveraged the power of this rewarding tool. From sales prospecting to product marketing, LinkedIn can be an extremely valuable asset in the hands of B2B companies.

Posting thought-provoking articles, joining groups related to your industry or business, adding comments to increase your visibility, using LinkedIn hashtags, and building a contact database are only a few of the many things you can do with LinkedIn to get your foot in the door.

LinkedIn, as an effective sales and marketing tool, can help you with website conversions, lead generation, increased prospect or customer engagement, brand awareness, targeted advertising, and much more. It’s also a pretty handy tool when it comes to improving social selling rates and getting access to valuable B2B data.

For example, LinkedIn videos that are under 30 sec have a 200% lift in view completion rates and work great for reaching brand consideration and brand awareness goals. On average, sponsored LinkedIn InMail has a 52% open rate. Furthermore, compared to other social media networks, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation.

It’s always better to A/B test your LinkedIn sales or marketing campaigns to get the best results. One way to improve your ad relevance score is replacing your worst-performing ads with new ones or pausing them for some time and using new ones instead.

You should also ensure that your LinkedIn sales and marketing campaigns equally target your audience. Using ads that are too niche or too generalized may not help you achieve the outcome you’re expecting from your LinkedIn sales and marketing campaigns. Another way to improve your LinkedIn sales and marketing campaign ROI is testing 2-3 ad variations to see which one performs best.

Let’s dig deeper with this useful infographic created by SalesIntel to see how LinkedIn can strengthen your sales and marketing campaigns. Here are some crucial LinkedIn statistics you need to know as a modern B2B sales or marketing specialist.

A Sales and Marketing Tool for B2B Companies

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