The Best Time to Post on FB, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn [Infographic]

Posting the content on social media need a perfect strategic approach. The most crucial part of this approach is following the right time schedule.

With countries across the world in different time zones, and with more than half of the businesses having their profiles on social media, there are specific steps for connecting with your prospect easily on these media platforms.

Even the best time differs both for B2B and B2C businesses. Some of the things to analyze are:

  • The peak time for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • The audience needs at each of the days
  • The peak day, when users are active on social media platforms

When you become aware of the different social media platforms and how it works, then it becomes easier as a marketer to post your content for getting the right response from the user. Breaking the content into different sections, and posting it at regular interval significantly works for the maximum brand exposure.

Sometimes it also works, when posting on social media is planned before a few weeks. As a marketer, adopt a calculative and experimental approach for posting the social media content, which can help to win the trust of the user.

You can even check at what time your competitors are most active, and are getting the best results from their campaign. All these simple and effective procedures can help you to go the extra mile and win the confidence of the user. This can give your business the right platform, and improve your marketing performance at the right time.

We at InfoClutch have designed a useful infographic post, to help you understand the best time for posting on social media. Find the below infographic to have the grasp of the same.

The Best Time to Post on Social Media

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  1. Great article I must admit. The social media with its many platforms does more than thrill users. It is a commercial tool for generating huge traffic and conversion.

    Once again, great job with this article and site at large!

  2. I hope this helps me improve my audience reach on Instagram. I do not have issues with Twitter and Facebook. Instagram has been my greatest mystery.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will apply them as stated.


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