World of Typography [Infographic]

The history of typography dates back to 1200BC to the upper Palethoic times when paintings were used to communicate with surroundings. However we don’t use this technique today but the need to communicate between people kept ever increasing.

The onset of middle ages popularized handwritten techniques such as calligraphy and manuscripts. Then came the revolutionary printing press in the 15th century by Johannes Gutenberg. It changed how people saw text and books.

The printing press then reached Italy, Germany. There, two germen men printed their press in Subiaco in 1465. After Italy, the printing press also reached France and England.

Evolution of Fonts

The evolution of fonts started with the old style serifs called garalde type. Its features were based on thick and thin strokes and till date remain the same. Then, sometime later in the 18th century John Baskerville introduced the traditional serifs. These had a touch of neoclassical and also came with some characteristics of its own. Black, bold and roman with different strokes originated the Clarendon Serifs. Grotesque sans serifs were introduced in the 19th century. Bold and solid in nature their usage became popular in headlines and advertisements. These are some of the most used fonts as they are pretty simple and practical per say. Humanist Sans Serif, it became popular in the 20th century and is considered as legible and understandable of all serif typefaces. Apart from these, a lot of other type-fonts such as formal scripts, Lombardic scripts, calligraphic scripts, casual scripts, inline and grunge also came in to picture.

Typefonts in Graphic/ Creative Design

Type-fonts when put in to graphic designing they become the medium to express and create design. In fact the graphic designers, recently, have started to realize its importance in modern design. If we see more specifically our pages, more than 90%, are about content and typography is the art to display that content. A creative design company will have to use typography to convey the message compellingly and clearly to the audience. The influence your graphic’s site would have on visitors cannot be denied. The best graphic designing companies today, use typography as powerful tool to keep the visitor engaged at their website. Playing with fonts is the only game one has to play.

Type-Fonts In Advertising Company

Let’s say I work for some advertising company, Vowels Advertising Agency in Dubai, for instance, What do you think would be my aim for my ad-campaign? To get the ad registered in people’s mind, right? Type-font makes or breaks the ad campaign. Its present-ability determines the user’s reaction to the ad. When it comes down to choosing a type the brand designers always would have to look to deep to find the best of the fonts. For that matter, innumerable experiments are a witness to the fact that people respond to different type faces differently. Advertising is all about making people believe that anything presented is not far from the truth; Typography therefore, becomes such an important aspect of it. Even the best design companies can lose customers over something as small yet significant as type-font.


Typography is the basic yet most essential part of any design. It is the key to grab the interest and also the maze to keep the visitor on your site. And to achieve this one has to be well-versed with font types, their placings and how to use them strategically. This can be considered as one of the essential skills. Building ads, designs or campaigns is all about communication and expression, and with typography you decide how you choose to communicate.

World of Typography

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