What Makes Great UX Design and Why Does It Matter? [Infographic]

UX Design is a complex, creative and ever-changing field, where designers come up with new innovative ideas every day, but there are some main principles that must be considered in order to guarantee a well thought out UX Design.

Design Principles are at the core of this field, so make sure to incorporate these guidelines and align your creative process and workflow to them.

Having these things in mind, we partnered with Vexels.com to bring you this easy to read infographic about The Top UX Principles of 2019.

Great UX Design is fundamental to making sure your users are engaged with your app. Getting to understand your users’ experience will help you create a seamless, understandable, user friendly experience which will in turn make your product thrive!

Mobile App Designers and Developers are gravitating towards providing users with excellent user experiences through their designs, using this to make their app stand out in the competitive market.

Why Is Focusing On User Experience A Good Idea?

Great user experience will leave your user’s more than satisfied with your app, therefore making the product more enjoyable to use and boosting user engagement, conversion and retention rates.

Making sure you understand your users’ intent is the way to go. Knowing how to guide your users work flow into having a pleasurable experience with your product is a fundamental step you must take into creating those “personalized experiences” that are so popular with this year’s UX Design trends.

Get a few pointers on how color affects your users’ emotions, how designing for touch screens makes everything easier, how personalized content is the way to go, how to know what notifications to send to your users, and more so you can make sure your app goes viral!

For more information, check out the original article here: Top UX Design Principles

What Makes Great UX Design

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