A Brief History of The Internet – 50 Years of Journey [Infographic]

The Internet became a publicly available utility from the dawn of the 1990s. Until then it was largely a closed circuit of computers with a limited number of devices connected to each other. Nobody ever envisioned the Internet to become such a widely used public utility.

Netscape, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! And the likes are to be credited for making the Internet a global phenomenon. Today, we have the social media world built on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and several other platforms. Mobile apps and smartphones have made us connected 24*7*365.

With few taps on a screen, we can do everything from hailing a cab to looking up a scientific term. We can even connect with friends and strangers from all corners of the globe. The Internet has created a level field for everyone to come, seek and share information without any restraints.

It is fascinating to know that such a powerful digital force had humble beginnings in the science laboratories of the US military. From the military base, it advanced to the tech labs of research communities. It took another decade before it became a mainstream presence in every desktop and mobile phone in the world. The Internet has had quite a long journey to become what it is today.

The first files sent across the Internet were text messages, mostly one-liners. It took another two decades before audio and visual content could be sent across the Internet. Today, we are being surrounded by immersive technologies like Augmented Reality, virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and much more that are eons ahead in innovation. At the heart of all these inventions and innovations is the Internet.

There were several milestones, technological improvisations and innovations too that has made the Internet a digital powerhouse that it is today. It is not possible to revisit all the milestones in a single sitting.

That is why SSL2BUY made this detailed infographic that traverses through the right milestones that have sculpted the Internet of today. From CERN introducing World Wide Web to the world to Tim Berners Lee developing HTML, the birth of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo!; there is everything you would want to know about.

A Brief History Of The Internet

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