WP E-commerce Plugin Review: Top 5 Solutions for Online Stores [Infographic]

What’s the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress?

So, you’ve decided to useWordPress as a CMS for your online shop? Considering the fact that WooCommerce (which is the most popular WP e-commerce plugin) powers over 3 million e-commerce websites including Clickbank, Spectator Magazine Shop and Bookriot, you’ll be in good company! Still, what is right is not always popular.

Before you check out our WP e-commerce plugin comparison infographic, here are some more stats proving WordPress is totally ready for online sales:

  • 18% of the world’s top 10 k stores are built with WordPress;
  • Since 2012, the e-commerce shop migration to WordPress (and WooCommerce in particular!) has grown 14 times;
  • Although WordPress is most suitable for small- and medium-sized online stores, the CMS is still used by some of the world’s biggest e-commerce brands (it only takes a little more coding and a reliable software development services company to optimize its performance!);
  • There are over 36 thousand ready-to-use free and paid WP plugins and extensions, so your dev team won’t have to build everything from scratch;
  • A team of three skilled developers can build a full-fledged WP online store in just 3 weeks. That’s $ 46 k/$ 10 k by the median US/Eastern European dev hourly rate, respectively.

$ 10 thousand for an online shop? Sounds great!

The question is, which WP e-commerce plugin will help you make the most of your website and deliver the ultimate customer experience?Judge for yourself.

Top 5 Solutions for Online Stores

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