Things That Drive Graphic Designers Mad [Infographic]

The infographic explains that how for the sake of making their portfolio strong, many graphic designers keep on working even when they aren’t paid at all. While hiring graphic designers, many people compare them with other designers who are offering services at very low prices, but they don’t understand that some graphic designers have highly professional education and experience of many years, and professional designers cannot be compared with the non-professional designers.

There is also no need to haggle with the graphic designers endlessly when you are hiring them because graphic designing is a highly creative task and you must pay reasonable prices.

If you keep on sending flattened files to graphic designers, it will be really difficult for them to work with these files. Also, if you send them PDF or JPG files, keep in mind that these files are non-editable, and don’t expect your work will be done immediately. Do not keep on sending low-resolution files via MS Microsoft Word files to the designers, and do not expect that these files will be re-scaled as you want. If you really want these files to be re-scaled, you will have to compromise few areas of the pictures.

Once the work is done and you want to get feedback from your friends and family members, then before you get any feedback and take it seriously, make sure that your friends know something about graphic designing and online marketing. It is better if you rely more on expert opinion instead of emotional feedbacks. There are also different ways which graphic designers can use to earn money, for instance, they can make designs on T-shirts and sell them on SunFrog. Also, do not keep on pressing that you want the logo on your homepage bigger and bigger. Big is not everything, and besides white space is also very important so that the other content mentioned on the website can breathe.

Things That Drive Graphic Designers Mad

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