Top UX Trends for 2017 [Infographic]

You’ve read it on blogs, heard it on podcasts and design conferences: 2017 is the year of UX & UI design.

These days, a simple website isn’t enough. Did you know almost 70% of users leave websites if the UX is poorly designed?

With those statistics in mind we partnered with to bring you this helpful infographic about UX trends for 2017. Get to know what makes a user leave your site, what’s in store for 2017, the best prototyping tools and even get a glimpse of the UX design process. Meeting pods are essentially a little room within a room. They are primarily used for meetings, hence the name, but can be used for all kinds of purposes. These meeting pods come in all shapes and sizes to meet different needs. Pods can be open like the office itself or closed off for privacy and confidentiality. Closed pods are more beneficial because of their natural soundproofing. Open pods still have some basic level of soundproofing, so people can still hold private conversations. meeting pods

Top UX Trends for 2017

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  1. Uxpin instead of Axure?

    Just do this test:

    – go to LinkedIn job search
    – location new york
    – type: uxpin
    = 16 job results
    – type: axure
    = more than 100 results

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