Famous Logos And Their Clever Hidden Meanings [Infographic]

We are all familiar with famous brands like Google, Fedex and Cisco. Their marketing executives are getting paid big bucks to ensure we are constantly exposed to their logos, brand colors and imagery. They are doing this very effectively as most of us can recall what these logos look like without having to look at them.

Despite constant exposure you probably don’t know the little messages and hidden meanings incorporated into those logo designs. We all know what the Adidas logo looks like but do you know what the famous three stripes symbolize.

Most of the Fortune 500 companies, guided by brilliant graphic designers, were able to cleverly use negative space, font spacing, color, and symbolism to create iconic logos that are not only memorable and timeless but also include a hidden meaning. These design clues are often used to reveal a bit more about the company’s principles, core demographic, product, origin, etc.

This infographic is provided by graphicsprings.com, where you can have a look at 15 famous logos and their clever hidden meaning.

Famous Logos And Their Clever Hidden Meanings

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  1. I think the IBM and beats “hidden meaning” is clearly an afterthought

  2. Look back at what you said for FedEx, you said to look between the E and the Z… should be X instead of Z…;)

    Otherwise, I found this interesting and there was a few of them I did not catch the meaning or see the hidden gems…

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