Top 4 Design Trend Predictions for 2017 [Infographic]

We all know that web design is a very dynamic art and, as with any art form, it changes and morphs through different styles over time. So, how do we utilize this change in order to know what will be beneficial to us not only now, but in the future as well?

Watching trends throughout the year will give us ideas and hints as to what will be popular in the upcoming months, so we’ve decided to help out and do that for you! Here are Top 4 Design Trend Predictions for 2017!

Better Lazy Loading

The implementation of this feature will allow websites to load images right before they come into the user’s view, to make a seamless user experience.

Flat Designs

In the past, web design was focused on filling sites with flashy illustration and crazy animations. Flat Designs focus on simplicity, and centering the entire design to user experience. In 2017, Flat Design will be adopted by more and more designers, and will continue with its minimalistic attraction.

Better Understanding And Adoption of Mobile Needs

Here a few interesting stats:

  • There are more than 1.2 billion mobile users worldwide
  • In the U.S. 25% of mobile users are mobile-only users

That means that eventually the whole focus of the internet will be transferred from desktop to mobile. In 2017 websites will be more accessible than ever, and will gain more viewers on mobile devices than in any other way. This means our designs have to not only be mobile friendly, but even easier to access on mobile than desktop.

Video Backgrounds

Videos will find their way into the new year throughout websites; as tutorials, meet and greets, and advertising. However, video used as a website background has become a hip and new way to engage an audience. The age of static images as background for websites is changing, and as internet gets faster, video will load faster, allowing what was previously impossible, to become a reality.

This info-graphic created by charts the top 4 design trend predictions for 2017.

Top 4 Design Trend Predictions for 2017

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