Social Superheroes Present: Event Marketing [Infographic]

The events industry is evolving faster than ever before, and it would be fair to say that all event organizers, small businesses and corporations are utilizing the power that each of these social communities hold.

For example, did you know that Twitter registers around 310 million active users every single month and 500 million tweets are sent out every single day?

Many of these statistics aren’t that surprising to many, but it’s important to be aware of them and to approach new technologies with open arms, as there power can be hugely beneficial to the overall success of our events. Whether you’re creating a Facebook community via the pages feature, compiling a list of influencers on twitter, or liaising with potential speakers for your event on LinkedIn, each platform serves a purpose for us when the marketing and organizing processes are in full force.

As well as the big three social sites, we’ve seen a rise in popularity of the more visual platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. These have quickly become high priority for events professionals, and this doesn’t come as any surprise (as visual content is often the most visited and shared). It’s also a vital part of the planning process to become instilled into “the selfie culture” to ensure the success of future events and to challenge your competition for followers, shares and ultimately more exposure.

Whether you’re hosting a small one-off affair or a regular monthly gathering, planning a successful event has never been a simple stroll in the park. Many attendees are oblivious to the weeks, sometimes even months of hard work and over-organized approach that go into all events, but at the end of the day, why should they care?

The responsibility is with the event organizers to ensure it’s a complete success on every level, stretching from a perfected seating plan all the way to updating the Facebook event regularly. Many organizers and businesses for that matter are still getting to grips with using social platforms effectively, but not to worry, the social superheroes are here to educate and offer expert advice when it comes to event marketing and utilizing social media.

You’ll also find tons more useful statistics in the visual below, compiled from the most up to date, trusted resources on the web. Before you look, can you guess just how many journalists make up the twitter numbers? Either way, this percentage could potentially be tweeting about your next event! The possibilities are endless.

Infographic researched and designed by Maximillion.

Social Superheroes Present: Event Marketing

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