Get an Insight on Backup This World Backup Day [Infographic]

Backup a term that many of you have heard and most of you have also done a backup sometime. We all know the importance of backup but sometimes we fail to do so.

On 31st March 2016, this World Backup Day do a promise to yourself that you will backup your data so that in case of data loss by any means you still can relax as you have already taken a backup of your data.

We all have heard of the famous saying “Prevention is Better than Cure” so the same applies here take a backup of your data instead of taking actions later when you have very little or no chances of recovering the important files.

Do you know about 3-2-1 backup rule or do you know some media types for backup purpose? Are you aware of the various types of data loss?

Great if you know the answers but if not don’t you worry? Have a look at the infographic created by the team at Dark Bear Web Solutions below to celebrate this World Backup Day which covers the answers not only to above questions but much more interesting facts about backup that many of us are not aware of.

So take a pledge to keep a backup and save yourself from any data loss.

Get an Insight on Backup This World Backup Day - 31st March 2016

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