Cool WhatsApp Tips and Tricks [Infographic]

WhatsApp is a famous cross-platform mobile messaging app that many of us are using. There is news that WhatsApp may soon get Facebook integration as well. The users are using this easy to use messaging app to exchange text, audios, videos and files as well and all that for free without any charge.

It’s like a trend to use WhatsApp if you have a Smartphone with you. The number of users of WhatsApp has also increased worldwide. This is a clear indication that this app is liked by many of the people around the world.

Now, it’s more common that if you meet someone whether a family member, friend or a business person instead of asking your phone number they will ask – Hey are you on WhatsApp? Give me your number. And this way they ask for your number as it’s quite common to instantly text and share photos fast instead of giving a general call or waiting for someone to email the pictures to you.

Even many of us are using the app from either long time or we are new to use this app, still there are some cool WhatsApp tips and tricks that many of us are not aware of. Knowing these tips and tricks can actually help you somewhere or the other and you can actually take benefit of all the features available.

Whether you have not used all the features of WhatsApp on android phone or you have switched from an android phone to an iPhone then this infographic below is all for increasing your knowledge. Now you can quickly learn how to use WhatsApp with this simple Infographic from Dbwebsolutions which provides some cool tips as well as tricks on how to use WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. Share it with your family and friends if you like it.

Cool WhatsApp Tips and Tricks - Summary - Infographic

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