What You Need to Know about Logo Redesigns [Infographic]

Redesigning a logo is no easy task and even some of the most famous of brands have got it wrong in the past.It requires creativity, planning and careful execution to get it right.

This infographic outlines exactly what you need to know about logo redesigns. From advice on things to consider before redesigning your logo to the do’s and don’ts of logo redesigns.

In addition, it looks at how some of the big companies and organizations have failed with their logo redesigns and gives tips from experts in the field. Essentially, it offers the key to effective logo redesign.

This infographic by Clear Designs– a leading graphic design company based in Dublin, Ireland – is a must-read for marketing and advertising professionals as well as those in the design industry. Enjoy!

What You Need to Know about Logo Redesigns

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  1. Great read! The first thing that actually popped into my mind when I saw the title was ‘Gap’. And lo and behold, Gap falls under the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ category. I was surprised by the Brown Man logo– I didn’t realize it had a B&W past. I always thought it was brown (and what a good call they made on the redesign!)

  2. Amazing showcase. If it would have been in museum I would have bought them. Lol

  3. it’s imperative to get your customers feedback when designing a new logo for your company. I’m still amazed of the fact that a company like GAP or Airbnb would put so much money and effort into a new logo and come up with something that looks a lot worse or looks a bit too much to a female private part.

  4. its true logo re-design is a tricky experience and getting it right is even harder and from your examples others do get it wrong like the university of California. It went really off.

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