Top Google Trends 2014 [Infographic]

Google has released the list of top search trends 2014 recently. For all those who are still not familiar with this list can check it here. Every year Google releases this list containing the top searches by users in different domains.

Google search trend data can be very valuable in understanding the customer behavior and formulating the marketing strategy on the basis on these data. It is also very vital in planning the content strategy for the upcoming days.

This year search trends were dominated by different topics with Ebola and mh370 contributing to some of the most searched topics across the globe in Global News Section. The later part of 2014 also saw other new trends like the Ice Bucket challenge.

This was also a very exciting year when it comes to sports with FIFA World Cup Brazil and 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics topping the search trends in sports category. James Rodriguez was the top trending player for this year. When it comes to gadgets and phones it was dominated by the Apple and its products with iPhone 6 topping the charts in the products category.

It was also a year when we lost some of our brightest stars with Robin Williams topping the chart followed by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Maya Angelou and many more.

The global news search trend was dominated by some of the big mysteries like flight mh370. Ebola too played its role with becoming the top search in the Global news trend.

Some of the surprising trends for this year were the term “how” which took the first place when we searched Google with a question. It was also pretty surprising that when we talk about selfie “boys selfie tips” was the most searched trend while “girl selfie tips” was almost never searched.

In order to get the complete details of these trends do check our Infographic, exclusively created on Google Search Trend 2014, brought to you by KOL Limited.

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