10 Years of Facebook in Numbers [Infographic]

Facebook, which is the world’s most popular social networking website will be 10 years old on February 4th 2004. Now over 1000 million users, Facebook still holds firm in its place as the social network of note.

For nearly ten years, Facebook has been on a mission to connect the world. Today Facebook connect more than 1.15 billion people each month.

Having seen phenomenal growth from its inception; growing from 1 million users in 2004 to 6 million in 2005 Facebook has certainly evolved since its early days. Over the 10 years we have seen many interface changes, some more welcome than others but we have also seen the company foray into avenues which have become extremely lucrative such as its Ads platform. This cost effective marketing channel allows businesses to reach highly targeted audiences and is a massive source of revenue for Facebook.

Facebook has managed to infiltrate so many world territories and users have signed up in huge numbers and continue to do so. This infographic by dpfoc.com charts the timeline of Facebook’s short history.

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!

instantShift - 10 Years of Facebook in Numbers

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  1. Great article and it makes me know more about facebook. Useful!

  2. Really an interesting history of facebook is shown beautifully in this infographic.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Nice information, but isn’t $5,287 million just $5 billion?

  4. Facebook is an awesome social network with just 10 years of it’s going.
    I like it very much like others fan of facebook.

  5. I can’t pass a single day without facebook.

  6. Great post and wow ten years that’s amazing.

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