How to Get Maximum Speed with WordPress [Infographic]

There is little doubt that the content management system known as WordPress has been a phenomenal commercial success, with already more than 70 million sites using the platform on the web.

The reason for its popularity and generally positive reviews is that it has been specifically designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with a plethora of features that make the software intuitive and allow the user to feel that they have a good element of control without needing anything more than basic web design skills to achieve what they want to do.

The problem for some is that it could be argued WordPress is a victim of its own mantra and success because of the fact that it has so many useful features and aims to do a lot of the technical work for you, this can slow it down due to having too many files, media and themes cluttering up the site and causing the site to load or refresh too slowly.

There is always an element of clutter that many users can quickly and easily eliminate themselves such as removing unnecessary plug-ins and themes so that even minor tweaks can boost the performance noticeably.

You can take this clean-up to the next level and see a serious improvement in your sites performance with a number of other actions and initiatives that will help WordPress to run efficiently.

Let’s have a look at this infographic by will help you understand how you can get maximum speed with your WordPress website.

instantShift - Get Maximum Speed of Your WordPress Website

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  1. Thank you for taking the time and having the desire to create an amazing infographic that everyone who uses wordpress can benefit from. Nicely done:-)

  2. Great infographic – I’ve written something similar but optimization doesn’t end – you always need to push your site faster :)


  3. Perfect graphic.
    Could I translate into Traditional Chinese and then put it on my blog?
    And then, I will tell others original english source, your site.
    Could I?

  4. Please notice Plugin Garbage Collector plugin does not work anymore under WP 3.8. And there is no replacement, unfortunately.
    If anyone know about a similar plugin, free or paid, please let me know.
    Happy holidays!

  5. Very Creative Infographic, featured here :

  6. thank you for your post. I translate your infographic and link the source to your site. you can check it here

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