A Comparison Between Magento, osCommerce, and OpenCart [Infographic]

E-commerce are becoming very popular these days, all sales are done directly or more familiar that you can called with traditional sales. Where seller and buyer meet at the same place then conduct the payment transactions. But now, Internet can make connected people all over the world, and also tools such as credit card payment transactions and electronic money such as PayPal which has made e-commerce as one of the leading industry.

The modern era require all the things that can make changes a face of the companies and industries, including the flexibility and connectivity as a part of it. Are you considering selling products online? The process involves many aspects of the internet, enough to detour someone from even considering it.

This infographic by forixwebdesign.com will help you think through some of the best CMS solutions (Magento, osCommerce, and OpenCart) for your e-commerce store that is relevant than you walk around over the net.

instantShift - Best E-commerce CMS Solutions

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  1. Hey,

    Oscommerce is one of old platform and i don’t think number of website you mentioned above is correct.

    • Correct.

      osCommerce started out in 2000.

      All the things marked as an X are available by Add Ons which means your keep your core code light and stable. Not bloated and buggy like Magento.

      There is no way to accurately know how many site use any solutions so all that is made up.

  2. I know this is an infographic about features specifically, but cost of deployment should be considered as well. Magento can pricey for someone trying to set up a small store on a budget.

    • Not to mention the constant upgrades requires to fix bugs.

  3. Magento ecommerce or online store based on magento platform not only beneficial for store owners as well as provide easiest way to search the particular product on shop , get full description of the products and not least but last compare one product to another product option. Magento shopping cart extension is the most valuable part of the magento based stores because it provides a feature by which customers can put as much as products in there shopping cart before the check out process.



  4. I like the infographs so much as coz i think one can explain things better by using infographs with the content.Nice one.

  5. Magento is the best solution ever. It provides everything you need make your store popular and profitable. The huge community can solve any issue.

  6. Great infographic! Talking about osCommerce, it provides upgrades really seldom, thats why there are no up to date features. Magento is a leader in e-Commerce world because of its flexibility, large community and regular updates. OpenCart is lightweight, easy to download and install, unlike Magento.

    • You are naive. osCommerce does not release updates because it is core eCommerce engine you build on with Add Ons and custom code. The core is stable so no updates required between major released.

      Whereas Magento Community Edition is full of bugs and so they so a bug release every few months.

  7. how to add application such as opencart to hostings like hostgator or bluehost who dont offer it by itself…..although magento zencart n ol are already provided….

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