How to Enhance Your HTML Emails [Infographic]

One thing which our inbox is always flooded with is, Newsletters, HTML E-mails which is thrown out as junk without realizing they could be a perfect medium for advertising our business. To make readers subscribe could be quite tough. Not only including offers but consent of email clients, support of clean HTML and CSS also plays a major role here.

We all know HTML emails are simply great as there are many studies proving that HTML email generates better click-thru rates than their text-only counterparts. These HTML emails can be helpful in taking your business to greater heights provided it is handled by a professional designer.

In today’s business world there are a lot of places where the communication is done solely through emails so an effective approach means uniqueness, perfection and shows your organisation’s ethics.

Coding HTML for email can be tough, especially if you are not a professional coder or design expert. If you’ve missed even just a closing tag when coding your email, chances are it won’t show up the way you wanted it to—that is, if it even shows up at all.

Hopefully, you’ll get some answers in this infographic by which shows solutions for most common problems, as well as tips to make your coding job a success.

instantShift - How to Enhance Your HTML Emails

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