The Chronicles of Facebook’s Developer Platform [Infographic]

As you may know it Facebook Development Platform is a set of services enabling developers to create outside applications that work with Facebook. It provides a set of APIs and tools which enable third-party developers to integrate with Facebook’s graph API (known as Open Graph) — whether through applications on or external websites and devices.

We’ve seen major development in past and as a result of these developments, Facebook hosted an unparalleled social experience both on its site and off. Companies like Zynga introduced hit games like FarmVille on the platform, and the “like” button social plugin launched on external websites. (In the first 24 hours, external site “like” buttons received 1 billion impressions.)

Facebook has expanded the possibilities of application development with the launch of Timeline. And somehow we get the feeling it has only just begun.

How is the journey of Facebook Platform so far? Where would Facebook be today, had it not launched Facebook Platform? What are the milestones?

Hopefully, you’ll get some answers in this infographic by which will give you information about the history of Facebook’s Development Platform.

instantShift - The Chronicles of Facebook’s Developer Platform

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