SEO 101: Beginners Guide to SEO [Infographic]

As you may know, SEO stands for “Search engine optimization”. It is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. Enhancing SEO is the best way to improve your website and increase its visibility in search engines.

Search engine optimization is the holy grail of getting more traffic. Placing high in search engine rankings for prime keywords related to your niche could send thousands of visitors to your site on a regular basis.

Like several other fields of this world, SEO consists of thousands of questions, which have made this field quite confusing. In the starting days of SEO, everything was easy and direct. The techniques were not that complex and it doesn’t require a lot of time to make someone aware of its techniques. However, as time passed by, search engines launched more complex tactics which lead the field to these confusions.

Hopefully, you’ll get rid of some confusions and get some answers in this infographic by which presents basic information and key figures of SEO. This is the sort of smart-but-simple, pragmatic-but-comprehensive and helps to spell out the knowledge you want to know about search engine optimization.

instantShift - SEO101: Beginners Guide to SEO

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  1. Nice useful stuff.Really great works.Thank you.

  2. While the results are on expected lines, the percentage of Smartphone users was refreshing.

    There are two points to ponder:
    1. Can everyone remain among top 5 positions? Not sure. The one who makes maximum efforts lands there.
    2. The results might apply to global searches made over different browsers. So there is lot at stake.

    Any article detailing SEO will be appreciated.


  3. Like the infographic, but dislike the fact you include “meta keywords”. These do not attribute at all to your rankings. Both Google and Bing have stated this in the past.

    • Actually if you use meta tags they become part of your page – so they matter – whether they get used as actual meta tags or not.

  4. Well done. Very clean layout of information and good use of color. Good reading experience!

  5. very help-full info …for seo learner
    thanks for providing.

  6. This truly is an awesome overview of it. I bet it took a lot of research and photoshop time to make that image. Cudos! I wish I had thought of it first :]

  7. I like the infographic very much and I appreciate how the details are presented. Thanks for sharing.

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