The Life and Death of Mobile Platforms [Infographic]

We spend a lot of time looking at who is winning the market share war between multiple major mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, bada and others. All major mobile platforms are locked in a winner-takes-all battle – and everything revolves around an ecosystem.

Although there are multiple mobile manufacturers in the market leading to increased competition, There are many question needs to be answered like which platform has the largest sales base? Which has the largest app store, with the most downloads?

If one of those operating systems takes a massive amount of the market share, then it should control the market. And if it controls the market, then it will get large developer support. And of course, with developer support comes better applications and software. And with that, comes more consumers, which means more revenue.

Hopefully, you’ll get some answers in this infographic by visionmobile which presents key figures for each of our competing platforms, smartphone penetration per region – but it also shows what happened to platforms that didn’t make it.

instantShift - The Life and Death of Mobile Platforms

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