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Flash XML Photo Gallery


This application is brought to you by Instantshift under Wondershare Web Gallery for Mac 1.0 license and developed by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.

What's included

Installation Tips

  1. Unzip the package and you’ll get all the files as mentioned above, then upload all files to web server.
  2. Open your html webpage, where you want to display the swf slideshow. Just copy and paste the HTML code to any section of the webpage with html editor, such as Dreamweaver.
  3. If you like, you can revise the width and height of the swf slideshow. (Part 1)
  4. You can change the location of .swf file in the HTML code, after you upload it to the web server. (Part 2)

Note: If your webpage and the embed .swf file is in the same folder, you don’t need to change the location in the HTML code.

How To Add Digital Photos

Choose your favorite photos to add into images folder. Meanwhile, you should make their thumbnails with the size of 80px*60px approximately, and add the thumbnail in the same folder.

Then Open relevant *.xml file in resource folder with a text editor, such as Dreamweaver MX. You will notice that all images are described with the following XML tags. You can copy and paste the following XML tags to place as many images as you want, and just need to revise the red content according to your own photos' name.

<viewItem type="image" stratTime="4" duration="4">
<dataInfo id="01" size="0" url="slides/ss_01.jpg" />
<viewItem type="image" stratTime="8" duration="4">
<dataInfo id="02" size="0" url="slides/ss_02.jpg" />

Note: You can replace the original images to your own digital photos also, just need to revise the red content in the relevant xml file if you give the different name to the image.

Add link to photo:

<viewItem type="image" stratTime="8" duration="4">
<hyperLink url="" openType="_blank" />
<dataInfo id="2" size="118044" url="slides/ss_01.jpg" />

Add caption and description to the photo:

<viewItem type="image" stratTime="4" duration="4">
<hyperLink url="" openType="_blank" />
- <info>
<caption> here for caption</caption>
- <description>
- <![CDATA[ <font face="Tahoma" color="#FFFFFF" size="14">here for description</font>
</info> <dataInfo id="1" size="103587" url="slides/ss_01.jpg" />



Thanks for your attention, and this application is just one style of our product. If you want to view all other styles, such as PhotoFlow, Cube, WallMono, CylinderSemi,etc. please visit Wondershare website to have a Free try.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions or if you want to report a bug.